Nokia phone manufacturing company will bring its own mobiles! Know what will happen to Nokia smartphones

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HMD Global You may not have heard its name, but its work is very big. This is the company that nokia Manufactures and sells branded mobile phones. A big news related to HMD Global is coming out that this tech firm is now planning to launch its own smartphones. 91mobiles According to exclusive information received by HMD Global Branding, mobile phones with HMD global branding will start selling in India from April 2024 next year.

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New mobile brand will come in the market

91mobiles has received information about the company’s future planning from an industry source, according to which it will be launched in India very soon. HMD-branded phones Will start selling. According to sources, the company can launch its mobile phones in the market with the start of the new financial year. i.e From April 2024 we may see another new brand in the Indian mobile market.

What will happen to Nokia?

After reading this news, the first question arising in the mind would be that if HMD Global brings its own brand of smartphones, then what will happen to Nokia? Will the phones of this company be switched off? Let us tell you that this will not happen. Of course the HMD Global brand will make its own phones but its Along with this, the company will also continue to sell Nokia brand phones.,

Nokia phones will be sold by 2026

Let us tell you that HMD Global owns the Nokia brand which is currently Will be valid till 2026, After this time period the company This license will be revoked And it will have to be renewed again. But after the company’s new plan came out, it seems that HMD Global is in no mood to get Nokia’s license again and perhaps that is why it is coming out with its own mobile phones.

From 2024 to 2026, the company will sell phones of both HMD and Nokia brands., It can be assumed that in these two years, HMD brand phones will spread in the Indian market and by 2026, Nokia users and fans will get used to this new option and the closure of Nokia brand will not make much difference.

HMD Global’s planning

According to the information received by 91Mobiles, HMD Global branded phones will be brought with aggressive pricing whose price will be affordable. Initially the company will target the budget and mid-range segments and will later bring them to the flagship level. these mobile phones Will be brought especially keeping in mind the online market Whose sale will be on Amazon, Flipkart or any other website. On the other hand, Nokia phones will be brought to retail stores in the offline market.

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