These tools will help you in Hindi typing and Hindi translation.

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Hindi is our mother tongue, but till now the language of the world of technology has been English. However, changes have started taking place. Technology companies are gradually encouraging the use of Hindi for communication.

Now the question arises whether we are ready to use Hindi. The reality is that most of us can speak and read Hindi, but cannot type it on a smart device. For those who know typing, this is a joke. But for others it is still a very difficult task.

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By the way, Google had started the facility of transliteration (verbatim) long ago. But many people could not come face to face with it. However, with the increasing use of smartphones, people have become familiar with the transliteration feature.

What is transliteration?
Before knowing anything else about writing in Hindi, let us first tell you about transliteration. Transliteration is the process of converting text written in one script into another script. For example, if you write ‘RAAM’ in transliteration you will get ‘Ram’, or if you write ‘Corruption’ you will get ‘Corruption’. Although corruption means corruption. Let us make it clear to you that transliteration is not translation at all. If the word written in English has no meaning then the output obtained after transliteration will also have no meaning.

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Today, most of the smart device users use the transliteration feature to write anything in their own language. If you are still unaware of this feature, then you can use these selected websites.

Users can use Google’s transliteration service in online as well as offline mode. To use the online service you have to visit this webpage. you for this chrome extension download Will have to do. at the bottom of the page Android.*inputmethod&hl=en” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Android And the option to download this app for desktop is also given. Install this app on desktop By doing this, you will be able to use Google’s transliteration service even offline.

After installing the software on Windows, you have to activate Google Input Tools. Then click on the visible ‘A’. After this, write as much as you want and keep getting output in Hindi.

quillpad editor
You this website You can also write in Hindi easily with the help of. However, this arrangement is only for online users. Here apart from Hindi, users can get output in 9 more Indian languages. Just keep typing English keywords on the page and you will get content in the desired language.

india typing
There are two types of options for users on India Typing’s website, translation or transliteration. For transliteration you need this webpage will go on. Here in the box given above, type in English as you type a message in a mobile and press space. The text written by you will automatically appear in Hindi. You can copy and paste these Hindi words anywhere, like on Facebook, email, blog or MS Word.

Also for transliteration hinkhoj And healing You can also use websites like. However, we faced some problems while using them. We would suggest that you use Google Input Tools.

This is a matter of transliteration. If you want, you can also translate the content written in English into Hindi. For this you have Google Is the best option. besides you IMTranslator website Can also be used. But remember one thing that the possibility of this translation being completely correct in terms of Hindi grammar is slightly less. In such a situation, we would suggest you to rely only on transliteration.


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