Know how to send money through WhatsApp

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UPI based ‘WhatsApp Payment’ has launched in India. Although this feature is still undergoing testing, but according to news agency IANS, it will soon reach 20 crore WhatsApp users in the country. Services like ‘Paytm’ and ‘Google Tez’, which are already providing digital payment services, will have direct competition with ‘WhatsApp Payment’. Now through WhatsApp, you can send money to your family and friends and ask for money from them just by going to the chatbox. Apart from UPI, WhatsApp Payments supports around 70 banks including SBI, ICICI, HDFC and Axis Bank.

Let’s learn how to transfer money through WhatsApp…

1. Upgrade your WhatsApp

If you are using this feature for the first time, then check once whether your WhatsApp is updated or not. The payment feature for Android will be available on version 2.18.46 of WhatsApp. It will be made available for iOS users in the coming days. After upgrading, go to Settings and select the payment option. Apart from this, go to the user chatbox, tap on ‘attachment’ in any contact and go to payment.

2. Terms and Conditions

As soon as the user goes to the payment option, he will see the message ‘Send and receive your money securely with UPI’. To send and receive payments, the user will then have to tap on ‘Accept and Continue’. Here you will have to choose your bank and fill the account details after agreeing to the terms and conditions. The essence of what is written in these terms and conditions is that WhatsApp has not described itself as a legal financial institution. That is, WhatsApp will not take responsibility for any kind of interruption or problem in UPI service or blocked funds etc. It has also been said that WhatsApp is not affiliated with your bank in any way.

3. Verification SMS

After selecting the Verify via SMS option, the user has to tap on the green send button. On this again verification SMS will be sent to you. Keep in mind that this SMS will not be free.

4. Selection of banks

After configuring your number, the user will be given a list of 70 banks from which to choose. Keep in mind here that if the UPI option is attached to your bank, then the next step will come through SMS. If the UPI account is not linked then the user will have to generate a UPI PIN. Keep in mind that the phone number linked to the bank and the WhatsApp number of the user should not be different.

5. Along with payment, you can also track the payment

After upgrading UPI and linking it to the phone number, go directly to the payment option, select the bank account, enter the amount, enter the UPI PIN and click on send. In this way you will be able to send and receive money through WhatsApp. Through WhatsApp payment history, you will also be able to know whether the money you sent has reached the place or not. Apart from this, this feature will also update the recipient and sender about the incoming and outgoing money through notification.

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