Why is Deepfake dangerous, know why there is an uproar over Rashmika Mandanna’s video

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For the last few days, a video of Pushpa’s heroine Rashmika Mandanna is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The cinema world is very worried about this video, because it is a deepfake video, that is, it is a fake video, but the girl seen in the video looks exactly like Rashmika. In such a situation, now the question is arising in everyone’s mind that what is deepfake?

In this article:

What is deepfake?

Deepfake video can be a video or image created with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). These AIs have the expertise to copy human images exactly. The style, voice and gestures shown in the fake video and image appear to be absolutely real and with the help of this deepfake AI tool, some mischievous element has made the video of Rashmika Mandanna.

Rashmika’s fake video looks so real that people consider it to be the original video and share it extensively. Although this is not the first case when the name of Deepfake has come up, before this a lot of videos have been seen on social sites like YouTube and Facebook, which have been made with the help of AI and while watching these videos you will not even guess that it’s fake.

Government gave clarification on the video

On behalf of the government, Union Minister Rajiv Chandrashekhar said through a post on social media that PM Narendra Modi is committed to ensuring the security and trust of all digital citizens using the internet. He said that deepfake is the latest and most dangerous. This needs to be dealt with. The minister has also said that strict action will be taken against those spreading fake news.

This is how you can identify deepfake content

If you think that any video or image is deepfake, then look at it carefully, you will definitely see fakeness somewhere. Many times in such videos you should pay more attention to the movement of hands and legs. Some platforms apply watermarks to AI generated content, so that the video can be identified. Therefore, one should always pay attention to such marks or disclaimers.

Identify deepfake videos with these AI tools

If seen, today there are many such AI tools available in the market which can easily capture AI generated content. For example, many AI tools like AI or Not and Hive Moderation can also be useful, which work to detect AI-generated content. Apart from this, there are many other tools available online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are deepfakes illegal?

The legality of deepfakes depends on their intent and context. Deepfaking a politician to make a big celebrity look disgusting may be considered illegal and unethical, while using the same technique to correct a small effect in movies may not be illegal.

Could deepfakes be a threat to digital and information security?

Yes, deepfakes are a major threat to digital and information security, especially in today’s era where internet resources are easily available. Using deepfake techniques, hackers can create fake avatars of a company’s employees and access important and confidential information. This can cause huge loss to the company.

Can deepfake detection tools guarantee 100 percent accuracy?

Deepfake detection tools cannot guarantee 100 percent accuracy. These devices can be fooled by photos or videos. However, if you have doubts, it is still a good practice to run the media through these tools to check its authenticity. Some deepfake detection tools available online include Deepfakedetector.ai and Intel’s FakeCatcher.


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