This device of Ambani Jio Motive (2023) will make the car also ‘Smart’, know what are its features

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Reliance Jio has launched a new device Jio Motive (2023) in India, expanding its IoT (Internet of Things) segment. This is an advanced gadget which has been introduced as a car accessory. ‚ÄčThere are many fun and beneficial features in this Jio Motive which can connect to any car and convert it into a ‘smart car’. Let’s read further, what is special in this device of Ambani.

Features of Jio Motive

  • Realtime Vehicle Tracking
  • Geo Fencing
  • Time Fencing
  • vehicle health
  • Driving Behavior Analysis
  • In Car Wi-Fi
  • Anti-Tow Alert
  • Anti-Theft Feature
  • Device Tamper Alert
  • Accident Detection

Features have been included in Jio Motive to their heart’s content. By connecting it to the car, real-time tracking of your vehicle can be done. That means, when and where the car is going, it can be seen live.

Geo fencing and time fencing can also be done in your car through Jio Motive which will keep showing you every moment information about your vehicle.

How is the health of your vehicle, which part of it is having any fault or which part needs to be checked or repaired. All these details will be available from this device.

Through anti-theft and anti-tow features, you will get instant alerts if your car is going somewhere without your knowledge or permission.

Jio Motive, if it is connected to your car, becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot on the go. You can use internet by connecting mobile phone etc. to that WiFi.

If you yourself are driving erratically, this device will also inform your family members about it. At the same time, if a car accident occurs, its alert notification will also come on the phone.

How does Jio Motive work?

Jio Motive is an OBD (On-board diagnostics) device that is physically connected to the car. After connecting the device to the vehicle, the user will have to download Jio Things App on his phone. The device can be accessed and controlled through this app. All notifications, information and details of JioMotive will also be received on the phone through this app. Let us tell you that to use this Jio device, it is also necessary to have Jio Sim.

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