Shortcut Keys for Windows Keyboard, work will be done in a fast and smart way

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windows keyboard shortcuts

In this era of information and technology, no work can be imagined without computer. Computer has become an important part of our lifestyle. Today, we depend on online computers for all government and non-government work like electricity-water bills, booking and banking related work. In such a situation, there are many shortcut keys to work faster on the computer (windows keyboard shortcuts), with which you can do any work in a jiffy.

In this article:

Windows Computer Keyboard Shortcuts (Shortcut Keys,

Ctrl + A: To select all
Ctrl + B: To bold the text
Ctrl + C : To copy
Ctrl + D: For font
Ctrl + E : To center
Ctrl + F: Search
Ctrl + G: Go to menu
Ctrl + I : For italic font
Ctrl + J : To justify text
Ctrl + K : To add hyperlink to text
Ctrl + L : For left alignment
Ctrl + M: To move
Ctrl + N : For new file
Ctrl + O: To open the file
Ctrl + P : for print
Ctrl + Q: To close
Ctrl + R : For reload and right alignment
Ctrl + S: To save the file
Ctrl + U: To underline text
Ctrl + V : to paste
Ctrl +
Ctrl + Y : To redo
Ctrl + Z: To undo
Ctrl+W: To close the file

Alternative Key (Alt)

Alt + E: To open Edit option in the current program.
Alt + F: To open the File menu in the current program.
Alt + F4: To close the program or window.
Alt + Enter: To view properties.
Alt + Tab: To switch programs or windows.
Alt + Shift + Tab: To switch to the previous program or window.
Alt + Print Screen: To take a screenshot of the window.

Function Shortcut Keys

F2: To change the name of the selected file.
F4: Pressing Alt along with F4 closes the open window on the computer. Along with this, to shut down the computer.
F5: To refresh the website open in Windows computer or browser.
F6: To go to the address bar of the browser.
F7: You can use the option of Spell and Grammar check in Ms Word.
F8: This key is used while installing Windows in Computer/Laptop.
F9: You can refresh the document in Microsoft Word, with the help of this key.
F10: Can select the menu of software or program.
F11: Any software, browser or application can be run in full screen mode.

Computer Shortcut Keys for Google Chrome

Here are some commonly used Google Chrome shortcut keys:

Ctrl + T : Open a new tab
Ctrl + W : Close current tab
Ctrl + Shift + T : Reopen the last closed tab
Ctrl + Tab : Switch to the next tab
Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Switch to previous tab
Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8: Switch to specific tab (1 is leftmost)
Ctrl + 9 : Switch to the rightmost tab
Ctrl + N : Open a new Chrome window
Ctrl + Shift + N : Open a new incognito window
Ctrl + L or F6 : Highlight the address bar
Ctrl + Enter : Add “www” and “.com” around the typed address.
Ctrl + Shift + B : Toggle bookmarks bar on/off
Ctrl + H : Open browsing history
Ctrl + Shift + Delete : Clear browsing data, open dialog
Ctrl + F : Search current page
Ctrl + G or F3 : Find next occurrence
Ctrl + Shift + G or Shift + F3 : Find previous event
Ctrl + Shift + J : Open Chrome DevTools
Ctrl + Shift + C : Inspect an element with DevTools
Ctrl + + : Zoom in
Ctrl + – : Zoom out
Ctrl + 0 : Reset zoom to default
Ctrl + Shift + R : Reload the current page, bypassing the cache.
Alt + Left Arrow: Go back one page
Alt + Right Arrow: Go forward one page
F5 or Ctrl + R: Reload the current page
Ctrl + Shift + B : Toggle bookmarks bar on/off
Ctrl + D : Bookmark the current page
Ctrl + Shift + D : Save all open tabs as bookmarks in a folder
Ctrl + Shift + O : Open Bookmark Manager
Ctrl + Shift + P : Open an incognito window
Ctrl + J : Open download page
Ctrl + U : View page source
Ctrl + S : Save current page
Ctrl + P : Print the current page
Ctrl + F5 : Clear cache and reload page

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How can shortcut keys improve my productivity?

Shortcut keys allow you to perform tasks faster without the need to navigate manually, saving you time and effort.

Can I create custom shortcut keys?

Some applications allow users to customize shortcut keys. Check the Settings or Preferences section of the application you are using to detect this possibility.

What is the use of Ctrl+F9?

Ctrl + F9 is a shortcut computer key to minimize the current window.

What is the shortcut to close a window in a program?

Press Ctrl + F4 to close the window in the program.

How many types of computer shortcuts are there?

A computer mainly consists of three units. These include input, processing and output. Whatever input we put, we process it and get output. For input we use keyboard and mouse. There are many types of keys in the keyboard with which we give input. Shortcut Keys include Basic Keyboard Shortcut Keys, Alternate Key (Alt), Function Shortcut Keys, Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys, Special Characters Shortcut Keys.

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