How to 'ON' location in mobile, the method is very easy

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How to use gps on your smartphone
How to use gps on your smartphone

Location service in smartphone or GPS (global positioning system) It is a very useful feature. With this, not only can you find out the exact location of the device, but this feature also helps a lot in navigation. Let us tell you that any device equipped with a GPS receiver provides accurate geolocation information. GPS best example of Google Maps, Apple Maps Where you can see where you are on a map in real time. let us know How to turn on location in Android and iPhone can do.

In this article:

How to turn on 'Location' on Android device

You can turn on location on Android devices in two ways:

How to turn location 'on' from quick settings?

In your Android device quick settings You can turn on location service from. For this you have to follow the steps given below:

location service

step 1:
You Android device But to use the location service, you can take the help of quick settings. Here you have to swipe the notification tray downwards. This feature is present in all Android devices starting from Android 6.

Step-2: now you quick settings In 'Location' The option will appear, which will be yours GPS There is also a button. To use GPS or location services, click here 'Location' tap on it on Do it.

Step-3: if you Location To disable Or off But if you give, then your 'Location' Will be able to prevent from being tracked.

How to turn on location from Android phone settings

In Android phone, you can easily turn on location service with the help of settings. For this the method given below will have to be followed:

step 1: To turn on location or GPS service Android in device settings app Open the.

Step-2: After going to Settings app, scroll down 'Location' Have to find the section.

location service

Step-3: Once you find the location section, tap on it. location service To on or off (Settings > Location) can do.

location service

How to turn on location service on iPhone

To use location or GPS services on iPhone, follow the steps below:

step 1: First of all you can use iPhone setting got into.

location service

after going to settings Privacy and Security Go to service.

Step-3: here you location service Of toggle will appear, which on Will have to do. (Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > On/Off)

location service

After this on iPhone location service on It will be done. After this, the apps to which you have given location access can start accessing the location immediately.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What is GPS?

GPS means 'Global Positioning System'. It is a system that uses satellite and radio technology to know the position of a GPS receiver. This technology was developed by America in the 1960s. At that time it was developed for experiments related to satellite navigation. After this, in 1978, the US Defense Department launched a network of satellites. When the US Department of Defense's Selective Availability program ended in 2000, the service became available for personal and commercial use.

How is location service useful?

Location services determine the location of your phone. Apps like Google Maps, Find My Phone, etc. use your phone's location to tell you where to drive, where your lost or stolen phone is, where are restaurants near you, etc. Let us tell you that the backbone of location services is GPS.

What to do when apps ask for location access permission?

Apps that use location services may ask for location permission when you first launch them. While making this choice, keep in mind the need of your location for that app. However, when giving location-related permissions, you get the convenience that you want to give the app access to your location all the time or just when you are using that app. If you want, you can also disable the app location permission for privacy reasons.

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