How to set full DP on Whatsapp, the easiest way

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Instant messaging app Whatsapp is present in almost everyone’s phone today. You and I have now become dependent on this app for everything from talking to video calling. In such a situation, we are going to tell you a useful thing today. Actually, in this article we will give information about how to set Full DP on Whatsapp without cropping. If you are also one of those people who face difficulty in setting full size DP on WhatsApp, then this news is for you.

In this article:

How to put DP in full size on Whatsapp (without app)

After what we are going to tell you, if you put the photo as DP on WhatsApp, you will not have to crop it, so let us learn to do it step by step.

step 1- First of all your phone that photo in the gallery open which you DP in full size want to put on and show below Edit options Click on.

Step-2- after this Crop & Rotate Click on the option.

Step-3- after this again Crop icons Click on and image size 1:1 Ratio Select Do this and crop the photo.

Step-4- Now save photo Do it, so that your photo mobile gallery It will be saved.
Step 5- then your Whatsapp in mobile Open and 3 dots shown in the top right corner (menu) Click on the option.

Step 6- after this setting option Click on and then Profile icon shown near name Click on.

Step 7- After this camera icon Click on and select the Gallery option. 1:1 ratio Select the photo and set it as DP.

How to set full DP on Whatsapp (from app)

There are many such apps on Play Store, with the help of which you can put DP on WhatsApp in full size. We are giving you information about how to apply full size DP using an app named Square Fit – Blur Photo Editor.

step 1- First from Play Store Square Fit – Blur Photo Editor named install the app Get it done.

Step 2- Now open the app in your mobile, here you will find something Will ask for permission to allow them Do it.

Step 3- After this in the app Single option Will be seen. Click on it.

Step 4- Now your mobile is in front of you gallery It will open, from here you select that photo whom you square by doing your Whatsapp profile Have to put it on.
Step 5- now you lots of filters are found. As Background image blur, frame etc. If you want, you can also edit and save the photo from here. Other than this 1:1 ratio to photo select in save Get it done.

Step 6- now yours square photo in mobile save Is done. After this you whatsapp profile photo Or dp select can do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which type of DP is best for WhatsApp?

A good WhatsApp DP can be anything from a beautiful and inspirational one to a funny meme or a personal photo.

What does DP say about a person?

If the face takes up more of the frame than usual, this is also a good sign of openness.

Who is viewing my WhatsApp DP?

Your WhatsApp profile photo or DP To find out who is watching, you will have to download an app. For this, you can download it from Google Play Store in your Android smartphone. WhatsApp– Download an app called Who Viewed Me or Whats Tracker. To download this app, you will also have to download 1mobile market.

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