How to increase the speed of old mobile phone? These 5 tricks may be useful for you

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There are many people who once buy a mobile, do not change it for at least 3-4 years. Especially users like us belonging to middle class families. Want to use the same smartphone for a long time. But often as the phone starts getting old, its performance also starts slowing down and there are problems in using it. To avoid similar problems, we have mentioned 5 such tricks which can prove helpful in speeding up your old phone.

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Tricks to increase the speed of old phone

Factory Reset

Factory reset is like a medicine that has the power to cure many diseases. Factory Reset is the best way to make your smartphone fast, smooth and like new again. After adopting this option, your mobile phone will become like an unused new device. The processing of the phone will become faster, all tasks will be completed very quickly and everything from opening apps to touch response will be better. Let us tell you that after resetting the smartphone, all the old files of the phone will be erased and the system files and application files will become new again.

how to increase old mobile phone speed tips in hindi

It is also necessary to backup the data of your mobile phone before resetting the smartphone. If you want to keep all the apps, photos, videos and other files present in the mobile with you, then definitely take data backup. Phone backup can be stored in the microSD card installed in the smartphone itself or in Google, which can be recovered after the phone is factory reset.

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Android Update

Android smartphones run on the Android OS created by Google. Every year this company brings a new version of its Android operating system which includes many new updates. Not only this, new updates of Android OS keep getting released at regular intervals. Often people think that this new Android update only takes up phone storage and users do not feel any special need for new features, so they do not download the new Android update on the phone.

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But let us tell you that the new update of Android OS not only brings new features but also adds power to fight many types of bugs. Due to various apps, websites, games, online activities and internet access, many types of bugs enter your smartphone which puts extra load on the phone’s processing. These bugs not only slow down processing but also affect many apps. Developers also include codes to eliminate these bugs in Android updates. Therefore, it is very important to always keep your smartphone updated to the latest Android version.

RAM Memory

Whenever any application is installed in a mobile phone, it is stored in the internal memory of the phone. New files of that app are created only in RAM i.e. Random Access Memory. Although today smartphones with 6GB RAM and 8GB RAM have started coming in the market, but if your mobile is old then it may have 2GB RAM or 3GB RAM. On the other hand, there are many such mobile games and apps available in the market today whose system file size is very large.

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After installing these apps or games in the phone, as you use them, the size of their files also increases. In this condition, if there is very little space left in the RAM of your phone, then the processing of the phone starts slowing down and all the tasks start slowing down. Here you have to decide that keep only the apps which are most important for you in the phone and delete unnecessary apps etc. from the smartphone. The freer the RAM, the smoother the phone will work.

Phone Storage

Filling up the phone’s storage also affects the processing of the device and slows it down. According to, if your smartphone’s storage becomes 90 percent full and less than 10 percent is left free, then it will start creating problems in your mobile phone. The initial effect may not be visible but as the free storage space decreases, your smartphone will start performing worse.

how to increase old mobile phone speed tips in hindi

In this situation, it is important to keep checking your phone storage from time to time and delete unnecessary photos and videos from the mobile. Yes, if you cannot delete media files then taking a backup of them is also a better option. You can save the photos saved in your phone on Google and can also be saved in pen drive, laptop etc. Broadly speaking, the point is to keep the phone’s storage free and not let it fill up unnecessarily.

Use of Lite Android Apps

Lite Android apps are the best option for older mobile phones. These apps occupy less storage in the phone and also reduce internet consumption. Similarly, using these apps does not put much load on the phone’s processor and battery. The interesting thing is that these Lite Android Apps are also much faster than their full versions. In such a situation, it would be wise to use these light apps in your old smartphone.

how to increase old mobile phone speed tips in hindi

These light Android apps work smoothly and lag-free even on low RAM and old processors. If we mention some lite apps here, then along with Gmail Go, Google Go, YouTube Go and Maps Go, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Instagram Lite and Twitter Lite can prove to be useful for you.

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