love captions for instagram

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Instagram love Captions

Instagram If you like to share posts, then a great caption Can increase the likes of the post. especially when you ‘Love’ If you enjoy beautiful moments with them or go on a wonderful trip with them, then cherish those moments. share on instagram to do love caption Can take help. We have something for you in Hindi Instagram love captions A list has been prepared, which can help in expressing emotions…

In this article:

best instagram love captions

  • I have tried so hard to get you, every bit has conspired for me to meet you. -Om Shanti Om
  • The first step of love is friendship and also the last. Only the middle steps are left. – Tomorrow may not be there
  • That thing which can be expressed in words… what is that thing? – Veer Zaara
  • She was in the namaz, but it seemed that our prayers had been accepted. – Raanjhanaa
  • We live only once, die once, marry once and love also happens only once. – something happens
  • Know what is there in ‘Ishq’? People die, but they still do it.
  • Everyone becomes blind in love, whenever they are deceived, they drink poison thinking it to be juice.
  • Love yourself sometimes, otherwise who will love you?
  • There is one’s own respect in life, if you lose that too for love then your life is useless.
  • This mirror is also a wonderful thing, it shows us our own face and says, love yourself, you are no less than anyone else.

Cute Instagram Love Captions

love captions for instagram

  • Sorrow did not let me laugh, the times did not let me cry, when I fell asleep, your memories did not let me sleep.
  • When we got cheated in love, there was sadness in our life, we thought that we would leave this path, but someone else came in our neighborhood.
  • These are the cups of your eyes, these are the lights of my life.
  • O heart, at least control your heartbeats, the eyelids are still closed, they are yet to smile, my friend.
  • We are not happy like this every day, that is why we do not love ourselves very much.
  • This love is also a very disgusting thing, it makes two-four rounds of your locality in a day.
  • Friends, there is a different kind of love, this love leaves no stone unturned in forgetting friends.
  • I love you, I don’t hate you, you are looking at me with so much anger, does it cost money to look at me with love?
  • I have written your name on my existence in such a way that even if I meet someone with your name, my heart still skips a beat.
  • If you love then smile, don’t cheat anyone by making it yours, remember as long as you are alive, then don’t say that you have gone with memories in your heart.

Emotional Instagram Love Captions

  • Now that you have punished me, don’t ask about my condition, if I turn out to be innocent then you will be very sorry.
  • Silences are not without reason, some pain takes away the voice.
  • Loneliness is also afraid of coming near me, she must also know that someone loves us more than her own life.
  • I forget everything except you, what has happened to me, has the world given the name of love to this feeling.
  • How can I count your memories, does anyone keep count of even your breaths?
  • I may have a million problems, but believe me, one message from you is on my face.
    Brings a smile.
  • He has started arguing over the smallest things, it seems he has started loving me a lot.
  • By talking to your eyes, my heart also learned to speak.

Funny love captions for Instagram in Hindi

  • We will be together till the time the heart beats.
  • You are a little scoundrel and a little innocent, but it is also true that you are my life.
  • Pray for his well-being every day. He begs alms from God once a day.
  • Only mad people like us write history, intelligent people only read history.
  • What do you think is so amazing? If it’s a little less, it’s trouble, if it’s a little more, it’s disaster.
  • We live for those who die for us.
  • I have asked for you even where people ask for everlasting happiness.
  • My love will not be alone like others but will be yours only.
  • Even deserts turn green when our photos are uploaded to Instagram.
  • Be it a game of cards or life, show your ace only when the king is in front of you.

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