How to get Airtel call details (4 ways)

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How to get airtel call details

if you Airtel user and call history check Call history check If you are looking for a way to do this, then you are in the right place. You can check Airtel call details SMS, Airtel App, Customer Care Number, Online Can check through etc. The good thing about Airtel is that they provide call history list for both postpaid and prepaid services. let us know Ways to get Airtel call details,

In this article:

Airtel Call Details Check

service provider Airtel
Article How to get airtel call details
Method SMS, App, Online, Customer Care
SMS number 121
ussd code *121#

How to remove Airtel call details from Message

If you want to check Airtel’s call history of last six months through messages, then follow the steps given below:

airtel call history

step 1: Most popular way to get call details of Airtel prepaid number SMS app Open and and Create a new message Click on.
Step-2: Now you have to type a message. For this EPREBILLMONTH NAME YOUR EMAIL ID Type the message in the format 121 But SMS would send. For example, if you want to know the call history of the month of November, then you will have to You have to type (your email ID) and send it to 121.
Step-3: After this process you will receive a call on the same number. a message will get. in which you Password You will get it, which should not be shared with anyone else at all.
Step-4: After this your E-mail Open the message that you shared via SMS. You will receive a letter from the company. E-mail will be found, in which your airtel prepaid number There will be all the records of.
Step-5: Then PDF Open it and download it. Once you download the PDF, open it. enter password Will be asked to do. Enter the password you received via SMS here. This way you Details of all call records of last 6 months Will be able to see. you this way airtel prepaid And postpaid You will be able to check the call history of both.

How to get Airtel call details online

If you want, you can also get Airtel call details online. To get last 6 months call history of Airtel postpaid and prepaid mobile, follow the steps given below:

airtel call history

step 1: For this, first go to the official portal of Airtel. Go to.
Step-2: Now to login here, enter your mobile number And Password Enter. then you otp will get. Which you have to enter.
Step-3: After the dashboard is opened account Click on Section.
Step-4: After this you will get your profile one below prepaid section will appear, on Click Do it.
Step-5: Here you will find all Packs, Services, Transactions and Devices Information will be visible.
Step-6: Now transaction Click on it, it will tell you your call history Will ask to recharge to watch.
Step-7: then which amount When you are asked to make a payment, recharge it. after this your call history Will be shared on your screen instantly.

How to get Airtel call details from Customer Care

You airtel customer care number You can also get call history details by calling. For this 121 You can contact Airtel’s customer care team by dialing. Then follow their instructions to get your call history. If your number Recharge with unlimited plan has been done, you not even call history Will be able to see. To you current month Call details are not available. In such a situation, you will have to try some other method.

How to remove call details from Airtel App

If you use Airtel app, then with its help you can get the details of call history. For this some steps have to be followed:

Thanks Airtel
step 1: first you Google Play Store Or apple app store From Airtel Thanks app Must be downloaded. This app is available for both Android and iOS users.
Step-2: After opening the Airtel Thanks app, Preferred Language Select .
Step-3: after this sign-in Complete the process.
Step-4: Then my airtel Click on that option. Then transaction history Click on.
Step-5: After this you will get a Redirect to new page will be done where all Exchange And recharge Information will be visible.
Step-6: Then modify option But Click Do it. Now call history check Select a particular month to do this. after this Call history details Will be able to see.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I check call history in Airtel Thanks app?

Yes, airtel thanks app You can also check call history. You just need to type EPREBILL month and email ID. 121 You will have to send SMS. Your monthly call history will be made available to you on your Airtel app.

How can I see my call details in Airtel app?

Open the Airtel Thanks app > Tap on “Call Manager” button > Then the details of all the calls made and received by you on the Airtel number will appear on the screen.

How can I get 6 months call history of Airtel?

Airtel’s 6 months To know the call history of SMS to 121 would send.

Can I get my deleted call history from Airtel?

This is not possible, but Airtel users *121# You can see the last 5 call details by dialing.

How can I check my Airtel SIM details?

You just need to enter the USSD code on your mobile phone. *121# or 198 Have to dial. The IVR will share all the details, like data balance, validity etc.

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