How to add music to Instagram Reels, learn the easy way here

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Are you also in your Instagram Reels Want to add music to? The method is very easy. If you want, you can add the original audio to the reels or even add your favorite music. By the way, nowadays audio reels are more in trend, which also attract a lot of people's attention. Let us tell you that reels short video on instagram What a great way to make it. let's find out How to add music to Instagram reels May go.

In this article:

How to add music to Instagram Reels

You can add original audio or music to your Insta Reels with the help of 10 steps given below:

Phase 1: First on device Instagram app (Android&hl=en” class=”external” rel=”nofollow”>Instagram app, Open the. After this sign in.

Instagram Reels

Phase 2: then down + icons Tap on.

step 3: Now you have to go to the Reels option from the sidebar, where instagram camera Will have to be opened. to instagram camera And microphone Will have to give access to.
step 4: Now if you are creating a reel here, then at the top of your screen audio button You can tap on.

Step-5: To add music to reels music icon Tap on.
Step-6: Music and Audio Browse the list below or search for a specific track Can also search.
Step-7: Once you've selected your track, swipe left or right at the bottom of the screen to find the part you want to use. timeline To Slide can do.

When you think you've found what you're looking for, tap Done Tap on.
Step-9: After you finish editing the reel, then click on the bottom right corner of your screen. Next Tap on.

Instagram Reels

Step-10:Now you with your reels caption can add, cover You can edit it and also tag people on it. Then when you think the reel is completely ready, at the bottom right of your screen share Tap the button.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I use copyrighted music in Instagram Stories?

According to the Instagram blog, you can use music in Instagram Stories. Stories let you use both recorded and live music performances. The only exceptions are countries where music access is currently limited. Your content must have a visual component.

How long does music last in Instagram story?

15 sec. Doing so will open a new screen where you can search music by popularity, mood and genres. Instagram offers a variety of popular music licensed for use in your Instagram Stories. However you can only use it for 15 seconds at a time (the length of Stories) and while the song is playing, a sticker with the song title and listed artist will be shown in your story.

Why do I only see limited music options on Instagram?

If you only see a limited music option, it's probably one of two things. This is your professional account or there may be copyright laws in your country. Do you have a business account? ‚ÄčInstagram restricts songs for business accounts. You can switch to a personal or creator account.

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