Google Banned 13 Android Apps Containing Xamalicious Malware Capability of Taking Control of Devices Delete Them Asap All Details

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Recently, a research has revealed 25 such apps, one of which is malware, which has the ability to gain control of the users' smartphone after gaining accessibility access. In simple words, if this dangerous Android backdoor named

McAfee Mobile Research Team detects 25 apps infected with Xamalicious malware Android-xamalicious-actively-infecting-devices/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Figured out And some were also available on Google Play Store. Although Google has removed 13 of these apps, if you have already installed them, they will remain a threat to you as long as they remain on your smartphone. In such a situation, we would advise you to immediately remove the apps mentioned below from your smartphone.

Xamalicious is a dangerous Android backdoor that exploits the Xamarin open-source mobile app platform. Once the app gains accessibility privileges, it silently communicates with the command-and-control server. Next, the server downloads a second payload on the phone, allowing the malware to take complete control of the device. This control can lead to fraudulent activities, such as clicking on scam ads, installing apps, and other financial activities, all without the smartphone user's consent.

The 13 apps mentioned below have been removed from Google Play, which you need to keep an eye on. Some of these apps have been downloaded more than 1 lakh times.

  • Essential Horoscope for Android
  • 3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft
  • Logo Maker Pro
  • Auto Click Repeater
  • Count Easy Calorie Calculator
  • Sound Volume Extender
  • LetterLink
  • Universal Calculator
  • Step Keeper: Easy Pedometer
  • Track Your Sleep
  • Sound Volume Booster
  • Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscope & Tarot

The McAfee Mobile Research team notes that the use of the Xamarin framework has kept malware creators active for a long time. The process of creating a framework for APK files acts as a packer, which hides malicious code. Additionally, malware code writers have employed various obfuscation techniques and custom encryption to communicate with command-and-control servers and exfiltrate data.

Although these apps are no longer available on Google Play, it is important to note that Google cannot automatically remove them from your phone if you have already downloaded them. Therefore, you should check the full list of your apps to ensure the security of your device.

One given to BGR Android-apps-so-delete-them-from-your-phone/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Statement Ed Fernandez, a Google spokesperson, assured that “Google Play Protect is designed to protect users from malware, regardless of its source. Users who may have downloaded any of these apps will receive warnings. “And the app will be automatically uninstalled. Additionally, attempting to reinstall an app after malware is detected will trigger warnings and Android will block the download.”

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