List of new changes displayed in MP map

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List of new districts displayed in MP map

31st October: Till 2000, the number of districts in Madhya Pradesh state was 61 which were divided into 12 divisions.

  • At this time Uttari District – Morena
  • In the south- Sukma
  • In the East – Jashpur
  • In the west – there were Jhabua districts.

But on November 1, 2000, a state named Chhattisgarh was separated from Madhya Pradesh and in this newly formed state, 16 districts and 3 divisions were given from Madhya Pradesh, due to which Madhya Pradesh suffered loss in size as well as in minerals and paddy agricultural land. The number of districts reduced to 45 and divisions to 9. Before this, Madhya Pradesh was the largest state of entire India, this pride which was held by Rajasthan was lost. At this time, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh was Digvijay Singh and the same Governor was Bhai Mahavir.

This change took place in the map –

  • Uttari District – Morena
  • In the south – East Nimad {present day Khandwa}
  • West – Jhabua
  • east-straight

later again

In 2003, 3 new districts were formed which are as follows.

  • From Khandwa – Burhanpur {which became the district of Madhya Pradesh South}
  • From Guna – Ashoknagar
  • From Shahdol – Anuppur

Thus, we see the change in the map in the form of South District, along with this, the number of districts which was 45 became 48 in 2003 and the number of divisions remained 9.

Exactly after 5 years in 2008, two more new districts were formed.

  • From Jhabua – Alirajpur
  • Directly from Singrauli
  • These 2 districts changed the western and eastern districts of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Singrauli, Eastern District of Madhya Pradesh
  • So Western District Alirajpur

Map of Madhya Pradesh after 24 May 2008-

In 2013, the Madhya Pradesh government separated Shajapur and made Agarmalwa the 51st district of Madhya Pradesh.

  • On October 1, 2018, Niwari became the 52nd district apart from Tikamgarh and with this, instead of the border of 13 districts of Madhya Pradesh, the border of 14 districts started sharing with the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Now exactly after 5 years, the scene of formation of districts was seen in 2023. 3 new districts have been formed in 2023. Which is as follows –

  • Separate from Rewa – Mauganj
  • Different from Satna – Maihar
  • Apart from Chhindwara – Pandurna and thus the number of districts has increased to 55, along with neighboring states like Maharashtra, now the limit of 10 districts will be imposed which was earlier 9. With Uttar Pradesh, the limit will now be 15 districts instead of 14 districts.


  • Total Tehsil 3- Mauganj, Naigadi Hanuman
  • Border – North – Rewa, Prayagraj {Uttar Pradesh}
  • East- Sidhi, Mirzapur {Uttar Pradesh}
  • West- Rewa
  • south – straight


  • Tehsil- Maihar, Amarpatan, Ramnagar
  • North – Satna
  • South- Katni, Umaria, Shahdol
  • West Panna
  • East- Sidhi and Rewa


  • Tehsil – Pandurna, Sausar
  • Border- East- Chhindwara, Nagpur
  • West- Betul
  • South- Amravati, Nagpur
  • Answer – Chhindwara

Changes in the map-

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