Israel-Palestine Conflict: War broke out between Israel and Palestine: Know what is the reason for it?

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Israel-Palestine Conflict Update: Recently there was an attack on Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza. In which more than 500 people have died. However, Israel says that this attack has not been carried out by it. After the attack on the hospital in Gaza, the situation in the West Bank has started worsening.

Israel-Palestine Conflict

The Israel Palestine conflict is one of the world’s oldest and most recurring conflicts. At times, the situation becomes so deadly that it leads to deaths and destruction in the region. On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched more than 5000 rockets from Gaza at Israel. About 1,400 Israelis were killed and many Israeli soldiers and civilians, including women and children, were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip. Israel launched retaliatory attacks and declared war on Hamas a day later. Thousands of people have lost their lives and approximately one million have been internally displaced. Israel cut off supplies of food, water, electricity and fuel to Gaza, leading to a severe humanitarian crisis in the region. Israel has asked residents of northern Gaza to evacuate the area, while Hamas has asked them to stay put. There has also been firing between Israel and Hezbollah after Hezbollah militants fired rockets from Lebanon into Israel and Israel carried out airstrikes in Lebanon.

A question may also come to your mind that How did the Israel-Palestine conflict begin? What is the history of Palestine and Israel? Etcetera. Today in this article we will tell you Along with information about the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, detailed information is being given about the reason behind it. If you want to go to a Government Bank Job then it becomes very important that you National and International Current Affairs Have good knowledge.

Israel-Palestine conflict: War broke out between Israel and Palestine: Know what is the reason for it? (Deadly exchange of fire by Israel and Palestine in Gaza Strip)

Since last few days Israel and Palestine terrible among fight broke out Hui In which till now thousands of people have lost their lives and lakhs of people have been injured. The main reason for this war that started between the two countries is a terrorist group called Hamas of Palestine, which fired more than 5000 rockets at Israel a few days ago. However, Israel showed its readiness Iron Dome Anti Missile System that some It was successful in destroying the rockets in the sky itself but this attack was so big that Israel appeared helpless this time. Because of these rockets, Israel Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities thousands of people have died in and large number Has been injured. Main objective of Hamas The aim is to make Palestine a new nation and to get back the land of East Jerusalem snatched by Israel.

Israel-Palestine Conflict History: History of East Jerusalem-

East Jerusalem is a holy site for Jews, Muslims and Christians. And the people there keep fighting among themselves for control over this area. This time the fight has taken place on a large scale in which rockets are being fired continuously from both sides.


  • Capital- Jerusalem
  • Currency- Israeli Shekel
  • Prime Minister- Benjamin Netanyahu


  • Capital- Ramallah and East Jerusalem
  • Currency- Israeli Shekel, Jordanian Dinar
  • President- Mahmoud Abbas
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