New digital ration card released, apply from here

Ration card scheme has been started in all the states across the country. Through this scheme, residents of the state can apply to get their ration card made online. Under this, online facility of ration card has been provided to all the residents of Uttar Pradesh.

Here let us tell you that if you are a resident of Uttar Pradesh state and you are willing to get your ration card made, then you should know the complete information regarding it in detail. Actually, while making a ration card, you should be aware of many things. .

So if you want to know the complete details related to ration card apply online, then this article is going to be very useful for you. Today through this post we will tell you the types of ration cards, eligibility for ration cards and how you can apply online.

ration card apply online

A scheme called Ration Card is being introduced. Let us tell you that this scheme is being operated by the Food and Logistics Department. Under this, all the poor citizens of UP are provided food items at subsidized rates. So the online process for making ration card has started and you can go to the official website of the concerned department and submit your ration card according to your category.

Main objective of ration card scheme

Through the process of Ration Card Apply Online, all the residents of Uttar Pradesh can easily apply for ration card. For information here, let us tell you that usually when a person gets his ration card made, he has to face many types of problems. For this one has to stand in long queues and make repeated visits to the Gram Panchayat and Municipality.

But now you can give the ration card to be made online, which will save your time and you will not have to face any hassles. Let us tell you that to those people whose ration card is made under this scheme, the government provides many types of food items like sugar, rice, wheat etc. at very low prices every month. In this way, the government provides sufficient quantity of food items to the people in UP who are economically weak and very poor.

How many types of ration cards are there?

There are three types of ration cards, the first of which is APL ration card. This card is given to such people who are living their life slightly above the poverty line. People who have APL ration card are given 15 kg ration every month by the government.

The second card is BPL ration card and this ration card is issued only to those people who are living far below the poverty line. Let us tell you that the annual income of the BPL card holder should not be more than Rs 10,000. The state government of UP provides 25 kg ration every month to those who have BPL ration card.

Similarly, the third ration card is AAY ration card which is given to those people who are among the very poor people of the state of Uttar Pradesh and who do not have any luxuries to live their life. Let us tell you here that the UP government gives 35 kg ration every month to those who have AAY ration card so that their life continues smoothly.

Eligibility for Ration Card Apply Online

Those citizens who want to apply online for ration card should check their eligibility once. For information, let us tell you that to get UP Ration Card, it is mandatory that the applicant should be a permanent resident of Uttar Pradesh. The applicant should be a poor citizen of the state and living below the poverty line.

Documents required for ration card apply online

If you are a poor citizen of Uttar Pradesh and you want to get your ration card made, then for this it is very important that you have some important documents. Let us tell you that under this, Aadhar card, income certificate, residence certificate, a current mobile number and passport size photo of all the members of the applicant's family are required. If you do not have all these documents, then get all the necessary documents made before getting your ration card made.

How to apply online for ration card?

If you do not want to stand in long queues and also want to save your time, then you can apply for your ration card online, for which the process is as follows:-

  • To apply ration card online, you have to open the main page of the official website of Food and Logistics Department, Uttar Pradesh. Let us tell you that for this you should go to
  • Here on the main page you have to find an option of download form and then click on it.
  • In this way you will then reach another page where you will see options to download many application forms.
  • If you are a rural citizen of Uttar Pradesh state, then you have to select the Ration Card Application Verification Form (Rural). Whereas if you live in a city of Uttar Pradesh, then you will have to press the option of Ration Card Application Verification Form (Urban).
  • Here, after this process, the ration card application form will open in front of you which will be in PDF format.
  • You download this PDF of ration card and then enter all the required information in it correctly and completely.
  • Now after attaching the required documents, go to your tehsil and submit it.
  • Now all your documents will be verified by the Tehsil officer and if everything is correct then the process of making your ration card will start.

Making a ration card has now become very easy because for this you have to apply with the help of online portal. Let us tell you here that if you are a poor citizen and you want to get your ration card made, then you should apply online for it today itself. In this way, when you have a ration card, you will be able to take advantage of the help provided by the UP government and will be able to feed yourself and your family properly.

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