Whatsapp Holi 2023 Sticker Packs How to Download on Android ios iPhone Smartphones All Steps

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WhatsApp Holi Sticker Packs: Today the festival of Holi is being celebrated across the country and obviously you too must be sending Holi wishes to your loved ones early in the morning. Nowadays people like to send festival wishes through stickers or GIFs on WhatsApp. You may also be sending WhatsApp stickers to your friends or family every day, but today is a special day, so today you should send WhatsApp stickers specially made for Holi. If you do not have Holi stickers on your WhatsApp, then do not worry, here we are going to tell you how to send Holi stickers through WhatsApp.

How to install Holi sticker pack on Android phone:

1. First of all, open the chat box of the person or group where you want to send Holi WhatsApp sticker.

2. Now tap on the emoji icon on the left side of the text box below to go to the WhatsApp Stickers option.

3. Here you will see some options below, out of which there will be a stickers icon next to GIF.

4. As soon as you click on the icon, you will see all the stickers already available.

4. Here you have to add the new Holi stickers pack, for which you will see a ‘+’ button at the bottom right, you have to tap on that button. Here you will see all the sticker packs available to download on WhatsApp.

5. Now you have to scroll down a bit, after which you will see the option of ‘Discover sticker apps’ below. You have to tap on that option.

6. Doing this will take you to Google Play Store, where you will see ‘Sticker.ly’ app at the top, which is the most popular app for stickers. You can install this app, or search for Holi Stickers using the search option above and install them.

7. If you install the Sticker.ly app, you have to open this app after installation and signup or sign in through your Google or Facebook account. Once inside, you will see many Holi sticker packs at the top. You have to choose your favorite Holi pack and tap on the ‘Add’ button present near the name of the pack.

8. After doing this, you will be asked whether you want to add this pack to your WhatsApp, then you have to tap on ‘Add’ once again. By doing this, this new pack will also be added to all the sticker packs in your WhatsApp.

9. After this you have to go back to WhatsApp and you can send the newly downloaded Holi stickers through the Stickers section to the person or group to whom you want to send stickers.

How to Install Holi Sticker Pack on iOS:

iOS users can download third-party WhatsApp sticker apps from the App Store, including sticker.ly, sticker maker + stickers, stickles, and wsticker for chat. These apps are available for free and here you will find many Holi sticker packs.

Additionally, you can also add a Holi sticker to your ‘Favorite’ collection whenever someone sends you a Holi sticker. For this, long press on the sticker and tap on the star option.

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