ODialer app Oppo OnePlus and Realme users call recording will be easy

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Android users like Android because it has more freedom than Apple’s iPhones. Call recording is one such feature in Android, which has been used by users for a long time. Android smartphone manufacturers used to offer their phones with their own default dialer apps, but over the past few years, most major brands have started offering the Google Phone app as their phone’s dialer. After this change, the call recording facility is not as effective because the person on the other end already hears the announcement that his call is being recorded.

Now it looks like things are about to change, as smartphone brand Oppo has released a new dialer for the ColorOS system of its phones. The app is currently available on the Play Store and can also be downloaded by OnePlus and Realme smartphone users.


Gadgets360 hindi also used this dialer. We tested it on our OnePlus smartphone and it was working quite well. Name of this new dialer app ODialer Is. This app currently works only with Oppo, OnePlus and Realme smartphones. It cannot be downloaded on phones of any other brand. Also, it can be installed only in devices with Android 12 or above operating system.


In the about section of this app, it is said that it comes with a call management feature, which organizes recent calls into a group for your convenience. It also does call recording without any announcement, which means the other person on the call will no longer know that the call is being recorded.


The user interface of the app is clean and very easy to use. It also helps users easily access their contacts and latest calls. Speed ​​dial facility is also provided in it. Oppo’s ODialer also supports dark mode.


Judging by its reviews and number of downloads on the PlayStore, the app looks like a new release and seems to still have a lot of bugs. One user wrote that the incoming call does not appear on the screen until the power button is pressed. Another user wrote that the hold feature does not work. ODialer will directly benefit those Oppo, Realme and OnePlus users who want to record calls, that too without informing the other person.

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