You would definitely like to know about these amazing features of WhatsApp.

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If you have a smartphone then you will definitely have WhatsApp. If there is WhatsApp then it will also be the most important means of chatting. Everyone has their own style of conversation. So how did WhatsApp lag behind? This also has its own style.

Most of us have been using WhatsApp for a long time. In such a situation, we are aware of most of its aspects. But WhatsApp also keeps changing with time. In other words, many new features keep getting added to it, or efforts are made to further improve the old features.

Let us tell you about some such unique features…

star the message
On WhatsApp, you can favorite any message of your choice by starring it. This is a very useful feature because with its help you can star any important information like phone number or address. Now you don’t have to search the entire conversation again and again to find them. Just go to the menu and click on Star Message and all the information is in front of you.

To star a message, tap and hold any message for a while. A pop up menu will appear. Here, favorite the message by tapping on the star button. Tap Settings to find Starred messages. After this tap on Star Message. All favorite messages will become visible.

Change message formats
WhatsApp recently provided the facility to format text. If you want, you can bold, italicize and strikethrough any text. All this is possible through special characters.

Bold text: Put an asterisk sign (*bold*) in front of the text
Italicize: Put an underscore sign in front and behind the text (_italics_)
Strikethrough: Add tildes before and after text (~tilde~)

Store conversations as text files
One interesting feature in WhatsApp is to save any conversation as a text file. For this you open any chat box. After this tap on the menu button. Then tap on More. Now select Email Chat. After this select Attach Media. After this an email will be composed in which your chat history will be attached as a text document.

hide your information
Many times you want to use WhatsApp but do not want anyone to know when you were online. Actually, this feature is available by default in WhatsApp. By the way, you can disable the Last Seen timestamp. With its help no one will be able to know when you were last online. Or selected people of your choice will be able to know.
For this, go to Settings > Account > Privacy in WhatsApp. Tap Last Seen here. For this you can select My Contacts. After this, everyone in your contacts will be able to know your status. Or Nobody, that is, no one will be able to know your status.

Create art on photos or videos
Do you know that you can also create artwork on photos taken or recorded videos using the camera app available in WhatsApp? After taking a photo or video with the in-app camera, you will see several tools at the top right of the screen. The smiley icon includes all the Apple emojis, ‘T’ lets you write text on photos and videos, and the drawing tool lets you draw to your heart’s content.


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