ICICI Bank’s WhatsApp banking service launched, this will be useful for you

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ICICI Bank has started WhatsApp Banking Service. Its aim is to provide seamless banking facilities to its customers amid the Corona virus lockdown. Due to COVID-19 i.e. Corona virus, nationwide lockdown and social distancing is being promoted. For this reason banks are under pressure to limit their services. Keeping all these things in mind, ICICI Bank has introduced this WhatsApp banking facility for its customers. Some basic banking facilities will be available to ICICI customers in WhatsApp Banking, like checking their account balance. Viewing your last three transactions, knowing branch and ATM location, getting information related to loan. You can avail services like blocking and unblocking credit and debit cards etc. from your WhatsApp itself.

of ICICI Bank WhatsApp banking facility It gives people an opportunity to meet their banking needs during the nationwide lockdown due to Corona virus. That too without leaving the house. This WhatsApp feature works through a phone number, whatever banking service you need, you can type it on that WhatsApp number. For those who want to avail this facility in Hindi, a separate phone number has been provided. This WhatsApp banking facility of ICICI Bank will be available 24 hours, information about which is being given to the customers. Not only this, non-ICICI customers can also check the location of their nearest branch and ATM through WhatsApp service.

How to use ICICI WhatsApp Service?

1. Save the ICICI Bank WhatsApp service number 9324953010 for Hindi and 93249 53001 for English in your smartphone.

2. Send message to this number using WhatsApp (only Hi is enough)

3. After this an automated response will come. In this, the list of available facilities of the bank will be given along with keywords.

4. After this, whatever facility the customer wants to avail, he has to type the keyword related to it and send it on WhatsApp.

ICICI WhatsApp service keywords

1. To check account balance, you have to send ‘Balance,’ ‘Bal,’ ‘ac bal,’.

2. Use keywords like ‘transaction,’ ‘stmt,’ ‘history,’ ‘statement,’ to view your last three transactions.

3. Use keywords like ‘limit,’ ‘cc limit’ or ‘cc balance,’ ‘credit balance,’ and ‘credit card balance’ to check credit card balance and limit.

4. To block or unblock a credit or debit card, you have to type ‘block,’ ‘lost my card’ or ‘unblock.’

5. To know about nearby ATM and branch of ICICI Bank, type ‘ATM’ or ‘branch.’ Use keywords.

6. For loan related facilities, you can use keywords like ‘loan,’ ‘home loan,’ ‘personal loan’ and ‘instant loans’.

Let us tell you that there is no feature in ICICI’s WhatsApp Banking service which is not available on ICICI Bank’s iMobile app. But this is a commendable step in the lockdown environment.

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