Google Maps to Get Augmented Reality, Group Planning, and More, these features will come soon in Google Maps, finding the way will become easier

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Google has given the ‘gift’ of a new update to Google Maps users. In Google’s annual conference, Google has made Maps more helpful than before and equipped with new features. Now the user will also get other suggestions according to the location, so that the Google Map user does not have to face problems. These features include many important facilities like new tab, food and drink outlet, group planning. Let’s take a look at the features that Google Maps provides to its users:

new ar mode

Google has announced AR feature, due to which it will be easier to understand the route in maps. This will provide the user with walking directions, arrows, landmarks, maps and possibly an animated creature. This is a Street View powered navigation feature, which will create a 3D environment using the camera. The company says that through this visual positioning system, users will be able to easily identify landmarks and find the right path.

new explore tab

With the help of the new Explore tab, users will be able to see all the favorite places around their location. The tab will start showing the user a list of popular activities, restaurants, coffee shops, events, and more. These suggestions will be given to the user based on local guides.

matching venue

With the help of machine learning power and collected data, this service will tell the user about the venue etc. Venues of selected food or drinks will be easily known with its help. These places will also be those places where you might have visited before or might have explored them with the help of a map.

group planning
Google Maps will also soon bring a new group planning feature, with the help of which users will be able to share plans etc. with other members. You have to long press on the place, group members have to vote in it. Once finalized, Google Map will book it for you. Cabs can also be booked for that venue from here.

‘For You’ tab

The new For You feature will let users customize trending places for you. Users can follow selected places or dining spots. In this, options of matching, trending, newly opened and popular places will be visible to the user in the ‘For You’ tab.


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