You can create a wonderful collage through these five free apps

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Smartphone camera has become the most used camera these days. The days of taking photos with camera roll are completely over, now is the era of smartphone cameras. We update our profile pictures on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites.

But many times it happens that we want to show a glimpse of an entire event or party in a single picture and in such a situation a collage is made. Yes, multiple photos can be saved together in a collage. Along with the frame, you can also add editing, effects, emoji and text. People of all age groups make a lot of collages with the help of their smartphones. Apart from this, there are many collage making apps which are available for free to download on Google Play. If you are also looking for a similar app, through which you can save your memorable moments by creating a collage. So these suggestions may be useful for you. Know about them.

Making collages has become better than before with this app of Instagram. With Layout you can mix your photos and decorate them with different layouts. To make a collage in this app, apart from taking pictures from the gallery, a wonderful collage can also be made by taking a picture from the inbuilt camera. Choose whatever collage you like and then edit it.

Up to 9 photos can be saved together in layouts and collages. In this app, you can use the Face tab to search photos of selected people. The app’s photo booth can be used to take quick pictures. You can store layouts in the gallery and share them on different networks including Instagram. By going to the Recent tab you can see the latest 30 selected photos. Layouts and collages can be made more spectacular by using Instagram’s filters and creative tools. The special thing is that this app does not require any kind of signup or account. Layout on Google Play 4.3 rating Is.

Fotor claims that it is a user friendly app. Apart from photo editing and sharing, its collage making feature proves to be useful. A collage of maximum 9 photos can be made in Fotor. Different templates can be used in these collages. Apart from this, some other things including template, background, space can be customized.

One of its special features is Magazine Photo Collage: You can create stunning collages using the built-in magazine templates. After creating collages, you can also store them in the gallery if you want. Google Play But Fotor has got a rating of 4.5.

photo grid
Photo Grid is a very popular photo collage app. The most special thing about this app is that it easily resizes a normal photo to use as a profile picture on social media like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. This does not crop the photo and it can be easily shared anywhere. Along with writing text and adding emojis on photos, layout can also be created in the photo grid. It is very easy to create a collage with the help of photo collage editor in this app.

photo grid

The grid feature of this app is useful for making collages. And through this, a beautiful collage can be created with a fun layout by putting many photos together. You can store this collage in different sizes in your phone’s gallery. Apart from this, there is also an option to share on social media from the app itself. Apart from collage, functions like scrapbook, video slide, template, filmstrip are also available in Photo Grid. Google Play 4.5 rating on store.

photo director
to the photo director Google Play Store But it has got a rating of 4.6. And it has been downloaded more than one crore times. Apart from being a photo editor, this app also plays the role of a collage maker. This app has many good but very simple editing tools.

With the help of collage maker, you can tell many stories by arranging pictures together in a frame. With this app, you can add features like HDR mode, photo effects and layer editing to photos. Sharing photos is also very easy.

youcam perfect
YouCam Perfect was created specifically for taking selfies (beautification tools and tips). In this app, wrinkles, dry skin and other spots can be removed in just a few seconds. You can also create collages in this app. To create a collage, you will find all the photos stored in your phone’s gallery in the in-app library. A collage of up to 6 photos can be created simultaneously.

Apart from this, with some amazing tools you can also re-shape many parts of your body like nose, eyes. This option of YouCam Perfect gives the same feeling as plastic surgery. Like many other collage making apps, YouCam Perfect also lets you share photos directly on multiple social media platforms. This app has got 4.5 rating on Google Play.


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