Truecaller’s work is not just about caller identification, there is much more

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Hopefully most of you know about Truecaller? Still, let us tell you about it once again. Truecaller app mainly identifies the person calling your mobile. Meaning, if you get a call from an unknown number, then this app tells you who is the caller. In this way most of us users are saved from telemarketing or spam calls. Now the question arises whether this is the only function of Truecaller? The answer is, no. TrueCaller is no longer just a caller identification app. You can also avail banking facilities through this app. It can be used to record calls. There are many more features in this very popular app. Let us tell you about them.

caller identification
You may also have the same question in your mind that how is the person calling on Truecaller identified? If the contact card is blue then the caller is correct. You can answer the call without any hesitation. At the same time, if you get a red contact card, you will already get the message that the call is unnecessary. Actually, Truecaller identifies the caller by taking input from its user’s phone book and the user. This is why many people consider the Truecaller app accused of violating privacy.

Call recording facility
Truecaller recently introduced a new call recording feature for Android users. By the way, this feature is for Truecaller Premium users. Now when Truecaller Premium users dial or receive a call, they can toggle on the recording feature on the Truecaller ID screen. The recording gets stored in the user’s phone. Users who do not have a premium subscription can also get this feature in a 14-day free trial.

truecaller flash messaging
Flash messaging support comes in Truecaller 8 Android app. Suppose you are in a meeting, or are stuck in an emergency situation. With the help of Flash Messaging, you can quickly send pre-written messages to any Truecaller user. Apart from this, Truecaller users can also send them emojis apart from their location.

Truecaller Pay
In Truecaller Pay you can create a virtual payment address. Which can be used for any UPI based transaction. If your bank supports UPI then you will be able to send or receive money through Truecaller Pay. You will be able to do different types of recharge from this wallet like Paytm, or recharge your Tata Sky account. If users wish, they will be able to recharge prepaid and pay postpaid bills through Truecaller Pay.

Backup of contacts, call history, block list
With just the click of a button, Truecaller can backup all your contacts, call history, call logs, block list etc. You will be able to store these files on Google Drive by going to Settings Preferences. You will be able to restore them later if needed. The Truecaller backup option will help users when they change their smartphone, get a new SIM card or reset the handset and reinstall the app.

Video calling from Truecaller
In the Truecaller app, users can also make video calls to selected contacts by going to the contacts section. This is possible through Google Duo video calling app. The messaging and voice call feature has been there in this app since the beginning, but while bringing the video calling feature, the purpose of this app was to challenge WhatsApp.


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