These new features can come on WhatsApp, this is how it will work

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Competition in the world of technology has increased to such an extent that companies do not miss the opportunity to take inspiration (copy) from the products of other companies in order to improve their products. Especially in apps related to social media, we often see such experiments.

Now some new features have been added to the beta version of WhatsApp Android app with the help of which you can make the photos even better. The thing to note is that these features are already present on Snapchat and other apps. Users now get the ability to write and draw on photos, and use the front flash.

An update for its camera has been released in the latest beta version of WhatsApp. If you take photos with WhatsApp’s camera, after taking a photo a new editing tool will appear. The new on-screen pencil and ‘T’ button will allow WhatsApp users to write or draw on photos. And it will be possible to add smileys also.

Let us tell you how these features will work…

Keep in mind that this feature will work only when you take pictures with the integrated camera app in WhatsApp. The benefit of these features will not be available with photos taken from the phone’s camera app.

Tap the camera app bordering the ‘Type a message’ box. After this the home page of the camera app will appear. You can take a photo with the rear camera or front camera present in your phone. After taking the photo, you will see a smiley, pencil and ‘T’ button next to the crop symbol in the top corner of the photo. It is not that you can edit only the photos taken through WhatsApp’s camera app. It also provides the facility to edit photos sent by someone else on WhatsApp.

smiley icon
As soon as you tap on the smiley button, you will start seeing many smileys. Now you can choose any smiley of your choice, just tap on it. Now the smiley you selected will appear on the photo. You can drag this smiley to any position in the photo. If you don’t like the smiley, you’ll see a Revert sign. You can remove the smiley by tapping on it. And if needed, you can also choose a new smiley.

‘T’ icon is for writing something on photos
The ‘T’ icon means text. Suppose you want to write something on a photo. You tap on the ‘T’ icon. After this the keyboard layout will appear. In this you can write the text of your choice. You can also drag and place the text at your desired location. You will see a color bar on the right side. With its help, you can choose the color of your choice which will be the color of that text.

pencil icon
You can doodle using the pencil icon. There will be an option to choose the color in this also. You can write text or doodle with the help of this tool.

front flash
A new front-facing flash has been introduced in beta version 2.16.264. With its help, when the user tries to take a selfie in low light, a white flash like effect will appear on the screen.

things to note
To use these features, you will have to use the beta version of WhatsApp on your phone. This means that these features are being tested and have not yet been released by the company for common users. Apart from this, to take advantage of these features, you will have to use the camera app present inside WhatsApp. It will not be possible to take advantage of this with the common camera app present in the smartphone.


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