These apps will keep you away from smartphone addiction

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There is no need to explain how important a phone has become in today’s busy life, especially for a smartphone user. Smartphones being launched in the market with different features have increased our dependence on them. Some people are ‘addicted’ to repeatedly logging into social media, while others are checking WhatsApp every second. No matter how much we try, we lose control over using our phones less. In such a situation, we are suggesting you some such apps, which will create a certain distance between you and the smartphone. This will not let your work get spoiled and will also get rid of your ‘addiction’ of being glued to your phone…


flipped one like that app Which takes over not just a few features of your smartphone but almost the entire phone. This replaces your lock screen. Gives you the option of ‘Auto Reply’ for incoming messages. Allows you to select an ’emergency number’ from your contacts so you don’t miss important calls. Through this app, your phone gets ‘separated’ from you for up to 12 hours. You can also reduce this time. This app is available for Android, which you can download for free.


How long do you use your phone or tablet? it app Will show you daily data on the screen. How many minutes did you spend on the phone, how many times did you pick up the phone, did you use the phone for a limited period of time or excessively? This app will give you all this information. You can also set a limit in it, after which if you exceed the limit of phone usage, it will update you through a warning.


This app You can set a certain limit for using your phone. Here you can block Facebook during working hours. You can keep office e-mail off during weekends. This app is also capable of keeping track of the complete data of how much you have used your phone.

off time

Many times while using a smartphone, you might feel that I wish the phone’s data remained on and these features did not ‘bother’ me for some time. If you search for a solution without any app, you will get the answer, turn off your data. but this app Can keep you ‘away’ from your chosen app without turning off your data. Through this, you can get rid of those apps which are affecting your productivity or interfering excessively in your daily life. This app will show the rest of your phone’s activities on the screen through charts and will keep you away from unwanted interruptions.

Screen Time Control

Actually, screen time control is called ‘parental control’. app‘ can also be said, but if you are a parent yourself then you can keep yourself under control through this. How much was your phone used during the day and which messages on WhatsApp are you most active about? This app will also take into account such aspects and will tell you. The interface of the app is artistic and you can turn the control options on and off as per your convenience. Even if you are using a password, this app will recognize your activities and present the statistics.

Would like to tell you that these apps can prove helpful in controlling the smartphone, but your willpower will also play a big role in this. Unnecessary use of smartphone will distract you from important tasks, hence self-control is very important here.


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