Selfie Apps: 10 best free photo apps that will make your selfies the best

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Whether you like it or not, it is true that selfie has become a trend today. Selfie craze is increasing among the youth. At the same time, everyone from children to elders are also liking selfies. Selfies dominate social media. Along with the rear camera in smartphones, selfie cameras also come with many special features. There are many selfie focus smartphones in the market.

But if you are not satisfied with the selfie taken from your smartphone and want to make it more perfect. So it is important for you to be familiar with those selfie photography apps through which you can not only take good selfies but can also edit them. A smartphone app can completely transform your selfies. You can do everything from remove unwanted spots to adjusting skin tone from your selfie right on your device. If you are looking for an app with which you can take selfies or edit your photos, today you have many options. Today we will tell you about 10 such best selfie apps available for free to common users.

1) Instagram
Instagram has become very popular in recent times. Now when we are talking about selfie apps, the name of Instagram will definitely come up. Instagram is an app where users edit and make minor changes to their selfies and make them public for the whole world to see. If you also upload selfies on Instagram, then this app can be very useful for you. Instagram is a great app for instant uploading.

Download Instagram… iOS , Android” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Android

2) Photo Editor by Aviary
This app provides a lot of after-effects options with a streamlined interface for editing selfies. You can also give a new look to your photos by purchasing various filters and content. Apart from this, this app also offers tools to whiten your teeth and remove unwanted stains. In this app, users can also write captions in selfies and can also store the original photo.

Download Photo Editor by Aviary… iOS , Android.feather&hl=en” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Android

3) YouCam Perfect
YouCam Perfect was created specifically for taking selfies (beautification tools and tips). In this app, wrinkles, dry skin and other spots can be removed in just a few seconds. Apart from this, with some amazing tools you can also re-shape many parts of your body like nose, eyes. This option of YouCam Perfect gives the same feeling as plastic surgery.

Download YouCam Perfect… iOS , Android

4) Perfect365
One special feature that makes this app different from other apps is its slider. This app does not rely on toolset like other apps, rather each effect can be adjusted through a slider. This app also has celebrity templates and 20 different tools to beautify your selfies. If you want to adjust your skin tone, you can airbrush the complexion with the help of the slider. By editing selfies with this app, users can do their digital makeover. You can also share the selfie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from the app itself.

Download Perfect365… iOS , Android

5) Retrica
This app has more than 100 real-time filters. Retrica, like Instagram, is a camera app that ranges from retro themes to classic vintage. You will get filters like sepia tone, black and white tone, muted tone. Apart from selfies, you can also create collages in Retrica. You can have a fun photography experience by taking one photo, or nine snapshots in a row.

Download Retrica Cam… iOS , Android

6) Cammy
This app is very useful for selfie lovers. It is very easy to click selfies with this app available for iOS users. This app is equipped with gesture recognition feature. The app can be controlled through gestures. For example, you can control it by opening and closing your palm. This app can recognize your hand even from a certain second. Group selfies look very good in this app. Apart from this, multiple pictures can also be clicked simultaneously. Cammy has been specially designed for selfies. In this app, many options are given to make the selfie beautiful by editing it.

Download Cammy…iOS

7) VSCO Cam
VSCO can be used as an editing tool with the camera app. It is equipped with many great filters. The community is fun and all the filters within the app are worth a try. This app has all the features to make a selfie beautiful. With a sleek, attractive interface, this app does a great job in terms of brightness, contrast and sharpness.

Download VSCO Cam… iOS , Android

8) frontback
As the name suggests, photos can be taken from both cameras (front and back) with this app. This app shares both the photos by making them a single photo. Apart from this, photo stories can also be presented in a fun way in the frontback. You can store the selfie by writing a caption. There is also an option to share photos.

Download Frontback…iOS , Android

9) Photo Grid
Excellent editing can be done with this app. Selfies can also be taken with the selfie cam present in the app. Along with this, collage, grid, scrapbook and movie can also be made. By editing the photo in the app, you can also apply text and stickers on it. Any selfie in the photo grid can be completely transformed by changing it to your favorite mode. Photo Grid is the perfect app to beautify your selfies. Photo Grid is available for free to use.

Download Photo Grid… iOS , Android

10) Smart Selfie
It is a voice guide selfie app that helps you in taking perfect selfies with the rear camera of the phone. Smart Selfie is one of the best Android apps with face recognition. Once the camera is in position, the selfie is clicked automatically from the app. There is no need to touch any button, screen, set a timer or give voice commands. With the help of Smart Selfie, you can take single or group selfie. If the front camera of your phone is not good, this app is great for selfies.

Download Smart Selfie…Android

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