Odd-Even again, this app will make your journey pleasant

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Odd-Even scheme is going to be implemented once again in Delhi from 15th April. Meanwhile, many different apps have claimed to make the travel of Delhiites smooth and easy. Odd-even was implemented in Delhi for the first time in the month of January this year. At that time, we saw a proliferation of carpooling and cab sharing websites and apps. Today we will tell you about some such apps which will work as your companions to make your journey easier during the Odd-Even scheme which is being implemented from Friday.

odd even ride
This free Android app helps you carpool with people living near you. You just have to enter your phone and car number in the app and after that you get the complete list of people traveling on the same route and time. You can contact them by pressing a button, sending an SMS or calling. Once your information is saved in the app, you do not have to enter it again and again. odd even app Will keep giving you travel options.

This time during the odd-even rule, this personal assistant app will not only save your time and money but will also help in providing the best option for commuting. HelpChat (iOS , Android) you can book any cab available in your area that suits your time and money. Using the cab feature on HelpChat, you can plan your journey and choose the best option to avoid price surges.

HelpChat is India’s largest personal assistant app with its Air Quality Check feature to help you choose less polluted routes and avoid diseases caused by polluted air.

UberPool/Ola Share/Meru
Recover (iOS , Android), Hailstone (iOS , Android) and Meru (iOS , Android) now has the option of ‘Share Ride’. You can find out who wants to share a ride with you in the app by tapping a button on the screen, and this will reveal the rider who hails the cab going your way. It’s completely voluntary but cheaper than riding alone. This feature of Uber/Ola/Meru helps you save money and environment.

Along with this, 360Ride app launched by a Bengaluru start-up helps private vehicle owners in ride sharing. The company launched the ‘Ride and Earn’ program this week with an aim to encourage people to share rides during the odd-even rule in Delhi. Under this program, car owners can earn up to Rs 120 and two-wheeler owners can earn up to Rs 600 by sharing rides. ‘Ride and Earn’ will start from April 15 and will run till the odd-even is in force. The money earned will be transferred to the bank account of the 360Ride account user.

After the acquisition of Odd-Even.com Orahi Corporate carpooling apps now provide corporate workers with more carpool options than ever before. Apart from this, it is also helping in reducing traffic and pollution. Orahi’s offers like ‘Every second ride is free’ as well as ‘Free one liter petrol per day for car owners’ will definitely increase its user base.

Apart from this, there are many other car pool apps also which can give you relief during odd-even. If you don’t want to fix a carpool with someone for a certain time or your destination and time always vary, you can use BlaBlaCar (iOS , Android) and ride ( iOS , Android) can choose options like. By registering on these apps, you can car pool with someone to go and come somewhere. And if you are driving the car yourself, then you can also share your ride with someone else by giving this information in the app.

Many apps are also providing mini bus service between Delhi-NCR. Shuttle App (iOS , Android) is also one such app, by downloading which you can get information about your vehicle by telling your phone number and the location of your home and office. If shuttle service is not available on your route, you can suggest your route. For the convenience of the user, features like Shuttle Wallet, Refer and Earn, Transfer, E-mail, Call Us have been provided in this app.

recently askcarpool An app has also been launched which can provide relief to those Delhiites who face problems in commuting in odd-even times. Apart from this, Rave, Jugnu and AutoOnCabs apps have also geared up to provide easy travel to the people of Delhi during Odd-Even. Through the Rev app, you can book a car on rent and drive yourself.

Firefly App ( iOS , Android )You can pre-book an autorickshaw. These auto-rickshaws run on normal meter charge only.

AutoOnCabs is a mobile app that provides on-demand, ultra-budget connectivity for people to commute. The most special thing about this app is the easy availability of budget autorickshaw rides which are also available doorstep.

If you do not like taking a cab and find it inconvenient to carpool, then you can use the car rental app Zoomcar (iOS , Android) can be used. Yes, you will get a car with the correct number plate according to odd-even. It is very easy to use this app. Just a phone call and the car will reach your home. And the same will have to be done to return the car.

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