Learn about Inclov, a unique dating and matchmaking app for people with disabilities.

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It is said that love does not accept any bondage, but this seems impossible for the disabled. On one hand, these people constantly fight their battle to make their lives meaningful, on the other hand they also try to maintain their existence in the society.

With a new dating and matchmaking app, now even disabled people can know and understand the feelings of ‘love’. This app has become a medium for these people to express their feelings like common people. inclove, is an application that helps people with disabilities find life partners. Kalyani Khona, a commerce graduate, started this app. When it came to people with disabilities finding love, Kalyani took the initiative with this app.

In a conversation with Tech News by Careers Ready, Kalyani said, “She was saddened by the absence of a matchmaking agency and any other platform for the disabled. Its foundation was laid in a way in 2014 when an offline matchmaking agency ‘Wanted Umbrella’ was started to match the disabled. But after the lack of an app and portal for people with low vision, the agency transformed into ‘Inclove’, an online matchmaking platform for people with disabilities. ,

On the question of how many people have got married through the app till now, Kalyani says that we do not track marriages. We can only find matchmaking on our app and till now 2000 people have met each other through the app. It is very difficult to call 2000 people individually and ask what happened later. We are a matchmaking app and our job is to create a platform where people can meet and connect with each other.


Kalyani told Tech News by Careers Ready that like any other app, the majority of people downloading Inclove are men. But if we talk about offline meet-up (social space), the participation of men and women is 50-50 percent. 5000 people are using Inclove app and 2000 people have met each other through this app.

Inclove is also planned to be launched in regional languages ‚Äč‚Äčlike (Hindi, Tamil, Bengali). Through this, people can find their life partner by downloading this mobile app from Google Play Store.

Talking about the safety and security of the app, no one can take screenshots in this app to stop crimes against women. Apart from this, the app also has the facility of mobile number verification to prevent spam profiles.

Features of Inclove App:
Accessibility: People with retina disorders or color blindness can choose different font sizes and colors. Additionally, people with low vision can access the app through screen readers and Talk Back.

Safety: Personal information remains safe and spammers and fake profiles are not found on the app.

Chat: Through this app, users can chat among themselves using the in-app chat feature. Its big advantage is that
That people don’t have to share their emails and phone numbers with strangers.

Inclusivity: This feature includes profiles of people with disabilities (mentally, physically).

Matchability: Through this feature you can search for a partner on the basis of age, location, disability, availability of medication and cure.

Additionally, the app also organizes offline meet ups every month called ‘Social Spaces’. Social Space is for all registered users. On 28 August 2016, such a meeting was organized with the British Council named ‘Social Space for People with Disability’.


‘Social Space’ is an innovative platform that is open to all users. Through these meet-ups, people with disabilities are provided an environment that they do not get outside to spend time together because not all locations are suitable for people with disabilities.

How Inclov works:
Once users download the app, they are asked to verify their identity. After registration, Inclove users can search for others using different filters. All users are required to share information about their disability. These include information about health disorders, medical assistance and their free thoughts. Apart from this, the user also has to provide information about his age, hobbies and profession. Keeping security in mind, the app does not reveal the phone number or email ID after a user accepts a friend request. Users can communicate through the in-app chat feature.

The Inclove app is available only in India and is currently available only on Android. Available to download. But soon it is expected to be available on iOS platform also.

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