Interesting features of Facebook which are very useful

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If you use Facebook every day or occasionally, it is possible that by now you would be completely aware of its common features. By common features we mean functions like add/delete friends, update status, wall and profile management. But the world of Facebook is much bigger than this. There are many such amazing features on it which we and most of you users do not know about. Let us tell you about some such interesting features today.

Back up your Facebook
Are you thinking about creating a backup of your Facebook profile? The backup will include every post, every photo, every video, every message and all your chat conversations. And this can be done very easily.


Go to Settings. After this in the General tab. You will see “Download a copy of your Facebook data” written below all the options on this page. By clicking on it, you should follow the further instructions. On the next page, you will get the option of Start My Archive. Click on it. Before starting the archive, Facebook will want to know your password once again. Enter the password and the archive will start being created.

Through this feature, you can see your entire Facebook travelogue at a glance. Apart from this, you can use Facebook to create a backup of your profile before deleting your account.

Save posts to read later
Many times it might have happened to you that a friend shared something on Facebook, but due to lack of time, you could not read it. At such a time you would think that I would search for it and read it later. But one hour is a very long time on Facebook. In such a short time there are heaps of new posts. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to find old posts. Now the ‘Save for Later’ feature on Facebook will be useful to you.

Click on the small arrow in the right corner of any post. After this click on save. By doing this your post will automatically go to the ‘Saved’ folder.

Now you would like to know where this saved folder is present? As soon as you save a post for the first time. On the homepage of your profile on Facebook, the option of ‘Saved’ will appear in the favorites bar on the left side. By clicking on this you can see all the items you have saved. In this way you can also save any video to watch later.

Sync Facebook Calendar with Google Calendar
If you use Facebook Calendar and Google Calendar for your daily work, it would take a lot of time to organize both. What’s fun is that you can sync Facebook events (including birthdays) with Google Calendar.

Log in to Facebook, then click on Events. Now go to the Calendar tab and click on the Settings button at the top right, then select the Export option. After this you will see hyperlinks to “export your friends birthdays” and “upcoming events”. Choose any one of these. Let’s say you chose the Birthday list. After this go to Google Calendar page. Here find the ‘Other Calendars’ tab on the left side. Select the down arrow icon, then select Add by URL. Now paste the copied URL here and click on Add Calendar. You can also sync the events list with Google Calendar by repeating this process.

Do you know about this hidden inbox of Facebook?
Did you know that Facebook now has a new hidden inbox? Yes, this hidden inbox filter of Facebook is visible in the name of message. This inbox of Facebook is available on the app as well as the desktop version. On desktop, this inbox is visible after clicking on the message box, whereas on mobile app, Facebook Messenger app, you can also see this filtered inbox.

Messages from unknown people on Facebook automatically go to the spam filter. You can see messages from your friends and family in either your inbox or ‘other’ inbox.

On Facebook Messenger, go to Settings and click on ‘People’ and the option of ‘Message Request’ will appear. You will get the option of ‘See filtered requests’ just below this, by clicking on which you will be able to see these messages received on Facebook.

This inbox of Facebook can also be seen by going to the Messages tab on desktop and expanding ‘More’ in the upper left corner. Similarly, in any browser on mobile, you can see the message option at the bottom as ‘See Filtered Messages’. However, most of the messages received in this option are spam.


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