Instagram Reels: How to make TikTok like videos on Instagram

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Were you missing TikTok videos after the TikTok ban? So now the solution to your problem has arrived, that is- Instagram Reels feature. This is the latest feature of Instagram, which is very similar to TikTok. On this, along with watching videos of your popular creators, you can also create and upload your own videos. This feature has started from Wednesday evening, July 8, on which you will be able to watch videos of popular TikTokers and creators. If we look at this latest feature of Instagram, it can be predicted that it can establish itself as the most successful alternative to TikTok in India and give tough competition to apps like Mitron and Chingari. If you also want to create and upload a reels video like your favorite creator, then here we will tell you the right way to make it.


How to create Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels Making reels videos is quite easy, but the most important thing to make reels videos is that you get reels on your Instagram account. Facebook is currently rolling out this feature, so many people have got this feature, but it is yet to come to many devices. If you are seeing the Reels feature on your Instagram account, then make your video on it like this-

1. First of all open Instagram in your smartphone.

2. Now open the camera of Instagram app.

3. As soon as the camera opens, you will see the options of Live, Story, and Reels at the bottom, where you have to click on Reels.

4. Now you can start creating Reels videos on your Instagram. In Reels Video, you can create a video clip of maximum 15 seconds.

5. To record a video, you have to tap the white circle visible in Reels and this will also be used to stop recording.

6. Before starting the video, you can add some effects to the video, which can make your video more fun. For effects you have to click on the icon on the left. Here you can control the speed of your video, choose 0.3x to record slow-motion videos and 3x for speeded-up videos.

7. To add effects, go to the smiley option and swipe right on the white circle. Now you will see all the available effects, you can select any one of your choice.

8. Instagram Reels also lets you set a 3-second timer before recording the video. For which you will have to click on the timer icon located on the left side and then set the timer. After this, a 3 second timer will appear on your screen before recording the video, so that you can prepare yourself before recording the video.

9. Finally, you can also add music to the Instagram Reels feature, for this you have to click on the music icon on the left. The best part of this feature is that you are given the complete music, from which you can select the part of your choice and make a video on it. In TikTok, you were given only a part of any music, but in Instagram, you are given the entire track in which you can create a video on the part of your choice.


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