How to hide chat on WhatsApp without deleting it

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Due to its unique and very useful features, the popularity of WhatsApp is continuously increasing across the world. There are many features in WhatsApp with which you can keep your chats safe. The name of one such feature of WhatsApp is ‘Archive Chat’. With the help of this feature, WhatsApp users can hide their chats and keep them safe without deleting them. Which means that your chat will not be visible in any conversation nor will it be deleted.

Today we will tell you about the archive feature of WhatsApp and will also tell you the way by which you can archive your chats in this instant messaging service.

Archive WhatsApp conversations on Android
First, go to your conversation feed in WhatsApp and tap and hold on the conversation you want to hide. After this, an icon will appear near the menu, mute and delete buttons visible at the top, clicking on which will take you to the chat archive folder. In this way you can hide your chat.

With this, WhatsApp users can archive all their conversations with just one click. For this, first of all you have to tap on the menu button and go to settings. After this, by tapping on chats and clicking on chat history, the option of ‘Archive all chats’ will appear. By clicking on this option, all the chats of your WhatsApp messenger will be moved to the archive folder at once.

Menu button > Settings > Chats > Chat History > Archive all chats

Archive WhatsApp conversations on iPhone
To hide a conversation on iPhone, first go to the chat screen. After this tap on the conversation you want to hide. Then slide from right to left on the chat. On sliding, an archive icon will appear along with the menu, clicking on which will take the conversation to the archive folder.

iPhone users can also archive all their conversations with one click. For this, first go to WhatsApp and then go to Settings, tap on Chats and click on Archive All Chats.

WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Archive all chats

Restore Archived Chats on WhatsApp
Once you go to the chat’s archive folder, you can view that chat by scrolling to the bottom of the chat screen. The number of archived chats is also visible in this folder named Archived Chats. If you want to view and restore a chat then it is very easy.

To unarchive a chat, go to the Archive folder, long press on the chat and click on the icon near Mute and Delete. You can restore your conversion by following these steps. After this, that chat will start appearing in your conversation feed.

Restore Archived Chats on iPhone
If you receive a message from an archived chat in iPhone, then this chat will be automatically restored. However, you can also restore by going to the Archive folder and clicking on the unarchive icon visible for that chat by sliding from left to right.

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