Do you know about this hidden inbox of Facebook?

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Social networking site Facebook is used by millions of people around the world. Today Facebook has become an important part of our lives. We also message a lot to connect with our friends and family on Facebook. Along with Recent, Unread, Read, Spam and Archived messages on Facebook, we also see the option of ‘other’ inbox. When we go to ‘other’ we get many spam messages. But do you know that Facebook now also has a new hidden inbox. Yes, this hidden inbox filter of Facebook is visible in the name of message.

This inbox of Facebook is available on the app as well as the desktop version. On desktop, this inbox is visible after clicking on the message box, whereas on mobile app, Facebook Messenger app, you can also see this filtered inbox.

Messages from unknown people on Facebook automatically go to the spam filter. You can see messages from your friends and family in either your inbox or ‘other’ inbox.

This way you will be able to see filtered message inbox
On Facebook Messenger, go to Settings and click on ‘People’ and the option of ‘Message Request’ will appear. You will get the option of ‘See filtered requests’ just below this, by clicking on which you will be able to see these messages received on Facebook.

This inbox of Facebook can also be seen by going to the Messages tab on desktop and expanding ‘More’ in the upper left corner. Similarly, in any browser on mobile, you can see the message option at the bottom as ‘See Filtered Messages’. However, most of the messages received in this option are spam.

But you may also see messages from your old friend, neighbor or your family member searching for you on Facebook in this filter message option. Facebook has never launched this option publicly, hence only a few users know about this hidden inbox of Facebook.

Even though Facebook has started this filter inbox to reduce the troubles of the users, but due to the important messages received from an important user going to this hidden inbox, the Facebook user may definitely have to face trouble.

Like me, if you too have not checked your Facebook filter inbox yet, then definitely check it. It is possible that you may find some important message in the filter box which this hidden inbox has kept hidden from you.

Apart from the simple inbox, Facebook also has inboxes like message requests, archived messages, unread messages and spam messages.


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