Do you know about these 5 unique apps of Google?

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Today, for most of us, smartphones have become an important part of our everyday lives. Today we depend on our smartphones for many tasks. Be it our health, or taking out some time for ourselves in our busy schedule. Google is with you everywhere. Google’s apps take care of everything related to you.

Today we will tell you about five such apps of Google which will make your life much better and easier. If you forget any event or meeting, your mobile will easily remind you of these things. Google Calendar (Goals), Google Keep, Google Talkback, Google Fitbit, Google Indic Keyboard are such unique and very useful apps about which you hardly know.

Google ‘Goals’
Are you also not able to find time for the things you want amidst the busyness of your working life? So Google has now found the solution. Yes, just a few days ago, the largest search engine Google has included a new feature called ‘Goals’ in its calendar app which will help you in finding time to do your favorite activity.

In the Goals feature in Google Calendar, you will see features like Exercise, Build a Skill, Family and Friends, Me Time and Organize My Life. After this, you will get some options in each feature which you can schedule as per your convenience and along with this you can also customize and include other options.

It is now very easy to organize the time you save from your busy schedule. Click on the Add button in Google Calendar, go to ‘Goals’ and answer some questions. These questions include what are your plans or activities, how often and for how long do you want to do them, and what is the best time for you throughout the day. Google ‘Goals’ seems ready to work with you. It automatically reschedules the activity whenever some work comes up. Apart from this, ‘Goals’ will do rescheduling even if you decide to postpone the activity for some other work. This new feature of Google is available for Android and iPhone users.

google keep
Google Keep is a free tool. If you have a Google account then you can also use it. You can also use your phone or tablet as a paperless notepad. For this, you can use a note app like ‘Google Keep’ which is already installed in your phone and write about the things which you want to remember.

You can view these notes anytime like your diary. And you do not even need to delete old notes because you have a smartphone in which storage is hardly a problem. This can be one of the best ways to remember things in your busy life.

In this app you can add a new note which can be a picture, a to-do-list or text. Along with this, you can also set a reminder in the app itself. You can also change the color of the note as per your need. Can label. Most importantly, you can also store notes using Google’s voice feature. You can also use Google Keep by syncing it with your Gmail inbox. Google Keep is available for free download on the Play Store.

google indic keyboard
Google’s Hindi keyboard app is now known as Indic Keyboard. Support for 10 more regional languages ​​has been provided in the new app. The new Google Indic keyboard has been made available on Google Play Store. Users can download it.

Apart from Hindi, Indic keyboard now has support for Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu languages.

The new Indic keyboard has many modes including transliteration mode. In this mode, on writing English words in the speaking style, the output is given in Hindi language. Apart from this, there is a handwriting mode which is currently available only for Hindi. With its help, users can write directly on the phone screen. A Hinglish mode is also present which suggests words in English and Hinglish. According to the Google Play listing, the new Indic keyboard will give better suggestions in transliteration mode and native keyboard mode of Hindi. The user interface for changing modes has also been changed.

google fit
Google Fit was launched with the intention of competing with Apple’s Health app. This app automatically tracks activities like walking, biking and running using the sensors provided in your device. This health app of Google is really a great app. Along with this, you can also use this app for information related to your fitness goals and weight. The Google Fit app is available for free download on the Play Store. Apart from this, it comes pre-loaded in Android Wear Watch and it can also be accessed from Google’s website.

After downloading the app on your mobile, you have to agree to the terms and conditions and enter your activity information and location history. Location data tracks your activity and progress throughout the day.

In this Google app, you can set a goal by going to Goal. This can be customized by going to the menu button. You can set your goal by tapping on Daily Goals in Settings. You can also change your daily activities and goals. After this, you can go to the settings menu and enter information related to your height and weight. Apart from this, there is an option in this app in which you can add daily weight. You can track your weight loss every day, week and month.

You can view your past day, week, or month’s data whenever you want on the Google Fit app and website. Complete data can be seen by going to ‘C Graph Details’ at the bottom of the main screen of the mobile app. You may want to delete your data on the Google Fit app. So you can delete it whenever you want by going to Settings in the menu and tapping on Delete History.

google talkback
Google TalkBack is an app that is of great help to people with speech, hearing and visual disabilities. As the name suggests, TalkBack plays the role of an assistant in operating the device for visually impaired people. It is a system application so it comes pre-installed on most devices.

TalkBack, like most other Google apps, is available for free to download on the Play Store. Talkback can be activated by going to Settings and clicking on Accessibility.

Apart from this, there are many other features like Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Google Translate and Google Maps which make our everyday life much easier.


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