Delete YouTube Offline Videos at once like this

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YouTube is the most popular and easily accessible video-sharing website worldwide today. YouTube is not only a website but its iOS and Android apps are also available. The popularity of YouTube increased further when users got the feature of offline storage in 2014. With the YouTube offline feature, users can download videos on the YouTube app available on their devices.

Over the past few years, YouTube has been continuously adding new features with the aim of providing a better user experience. The feature of saving offline videos in YouTube is available on iOS and Android devices as well as on the website. As the name suggests, with this feature you can watch videos on YouTube even without internet. These videos can be downloaded through mobile data or Wi-Fi network. This feature comes with ad-support which means you have to watch ads before watching the video.

(Special tips to download YouTube videos and watch them offline)

It is worth noting that not every video on YouTube can be watched offline. Most of India’s popular YouTube content can be downloaded. But sometimes you will see that some videos are not available to download. Storing YouTube videos offline consumes the internal storage of your device but the special thing is that the user does not know where the videos are stored and hence the offline saved videos are not transferred to any other storage. Can go.

But, the best way to free up storage is to delete videos after watching them offline. And this will also free up your device’s storage. For this you will have to follow some steps and after that your problem will be solved. Although offline saved videos can be easily deleted one by one, but today we will tell you how to delete all offline saved videos in YouTube together. And how to find out how much of your device’s storage space you’ve used to save offline.

How to delete offline YouTube videos at once:

  • First of all, launch the YouTube app on your device.
  • After this go to your account section.
  • Go to Settings in the Account section.
  • After clicking on Settings, tap on Offline option.
  • Here you will see the option of ‘Clear Offline’ at the bottom. Tapping on this option will delete all offline videos at once.
  • Information about how much of the internal storage available in your device has been consumed by you for YouTube offline videos and how much storage is available, will also be found in ‘Available Storage’ below the Clear Offline option.

How to delete YouTube offline videos one by one:

  • First of all, launch the YouTube app on your device.
  • Now, first go to the Library section at the bottom right and then tap on ‘Available Offline’.
  • In this section you will see the option of ‘Offline Videos’. Now tap on this option and you will see a list of all the videos available for offline viewing.
  • Now click on the three dot menu above any video you want to delete.
  • Here you will get the option of ‘Remove from offline video’. You can delete all videos one by one.

Hopefully, through these easy steps, after watching YouTube offline videos, you will now be able to delete them easily. Apart from this, it will also help the users suffering from lack of storage in their device.

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