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Do you also want to have your own channel on YouTube? Do you also want to be able to post videos on YouTube like others so that more and more people can watch them? So today we will tell you the method by which you can create your own YouTube channel. The special thing is that it is very easy to create your YouTube account and channel. For this you will have to follow some steps.

To start a YouTube channel, it is necessary that first of all you have an active Google account. If you do not have a Google account, then first create a Google account. After signing in to YouTube with your Google account, you can start the process of creating a YouTube channel.

create a channel on youtube
First, go to YouTube and click on the thumbnail image of your YouTube account in the top right corner. Clicking on it will open a drop down tab, now in this tab go to the gear icon given near ‘Creator Studio’ for YouTube settings. Select this button for the YouTube Settings gear icon.

After clicking on this gear icon, you will be redirected to the account settings page where you can select the option ‘Create a Channel’.

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Now, a new dialog box will open in which you will have to enter the name of the YouTube channel. For the name of YouTube channel, you can choose the first and last letter of your name or any other (recommended) name. It’s best to choose a name that makes it clear what your YouTube channel is about. Once you select the name, you have to select the category. After doing this, you will have to click on the dialogue box to agree to the page terms. Now click on ‘Done’ below. (Read the terms and conditions carefully before clicking on the check box)

After doing all this, you have now officially created a YouTube channel. You will now be redirected to a new page where you can add images, background art, channel icons related to your brand. Make sure you remain logged in to your YouTube channel. If you are not on your YouTube channel, click on the account profile icon at the top right corner of the site and click on your new YouTube page from the drop down option.

To change the profile image in a YouTube channel, you can select the pen icon which appears when you move the cursor over the default profile image. It is worth noting that the icon of your YouTube channel is also connected to your Google Plus page. So this change will be visible on both pages and may take some time to appear.

For channel background, you can select the ‘Add Channel Art’ tab. It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently have an image of the required dimensions because YouTube has a gallery available for background images.

Now, you can add a fun and engaging description about your new channel. Here you can share everything that shows what your YouTube channel is about and what kind of content you want to post and when. Apart from this, you can also provide an email for business enquiry.

Now you can upload any video in your channel by selecting the video upload option.

Also keep these settings of YouTube account in mind
To make your YouTube account better, click on the gear icon once again. The gear icon will appear in the top right corner of the site when you select your account’s profile image.

If you want to connect your channel to a social media site like Twitter, you can click on ‘Connected Accounts’. This will connect your Twitter profile to the YouTube channel for social updates. You can adjust the settings to get updates as per your preference.

Apart from this, by selecting ‘Feed settings on your channel’, you can also manage the activity shared on the channel feed on your YouTube account. You also have the option to enable/disable the channel discussion display. Along with this, you can also customize the layout of your YouTube channel.

To edit your channel’s likes and subscriptions, go to the account settings menu and click on ‘Privacy’.

To manage email notifications from YouTube, go to the Account Settings menu and click on ‘Notifications’. With this you will be able to decide for which activities or alerts YouTube should send you notifications.


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