Create backup of your WhatsApp like this

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We talk about many types of things on WhatsApp. From general chat to important office matters. Many things are so important that you keep coming back and searching for them even later. If you lose your phone or have to format it for some reason, you’ll need to reinstall WhatsApp. In this case your old chats will disappear. But if you know how to backup WhatsApp, then you will not have to face this problem.

Backup of WhatsApp on Android can be made on Google Drive. Let us tell you about it in detail so that all your chats, photos and videos remain safely stored. And they can be restored again if needed.

If you have not used this feature yet, then the first time you install WhatsApp, you will be asked to switch on this feature. If this does not happen then you can setup it by going to the menu.

1. You will see three dots on the top right side of the main interface of the app. Tap on them.

2. After this go to Settings, then Chats and Calls. After this tap on Chat Backup. Here you will get the option to setup Google Drive.

whatsapp screenshot

Let us tell you that internal backup is also made here. You can keep a backup in the phone’s internal storage by first tapping on Backup. But as soon as the phone’s data is deleted, this backup will also be deleted.

Google Drive settings will be visible at the bottom of this page.

1. First tap on Backup to Google Drive. Here you can set the backup time. You will get options like never, daily, weekly and monthly. We would suggest you choose Daily.

2. After this tap on Choose an Account. Here you can decide on which Gmail ID the backup of WhatsApp should be made.

3. The first option you will get is the mail ID which has been used to install the Android device. If you want, you can also use any other email ID. For this you have to tap on add account. And the instructions given will also have to be followed.

whatsapp screenshot 1

4. Now you can decide what type of backup you want to make over the Internet. On Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi + cellular.

5. In the backup settings, you get the option to create a backup of the video as well. You can also create a backup of the video coming on WhatsApp by clicking on Include Video.

Keep in mind that the data backed up here remains stored in your Google Drive account. It cannot be read by browsing as a drive client.

Backup on iPhone
Users using WhatsApp on iPhone can also create backup in this manner. Open WhatsApp on iOS. Then go to Settings and go to Chat Settings. Chat backup option will be available here. Choose from the options given here as per your convenience. The facility to create backup in iOS is on iCloud.

Restore like this
As soon as you install the new WhatsApp, you will be asked about restoring. Keep in mind that you have to sign in on your Android device with the same Google account on which you created the backup of WhatsApp app.

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