Apart from chatting on Facebook Messenger, you can do these 5 things

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Facebook’s Messenger app is made only for messaging. If you also think so, then this misunderstanding needs to be removed.

Well, most of the people install this app on their phones to chat with Facebook friends. At the same time, Facebook uses its Messenger app to provide such features which sometimes do not make any sense. This is a source of earning for Facebook through advertising.

Perhaps this is the reason why Facebook encourages most of its users to download this app, even if it takes up valuable storage on your phone. The company recently blocked access to Facebook messages on mobile web browsers in select markets.

Before using Facebook Messenger app, you should know for what purposes it can be used.

1. Group Chat
In Messenger you get the option to do group chat. So what are you waiting for, form a group and plan to have dinner or go out somewhere with your friends. If you want, you can also gossip with friends. By the way, you can do this work through your browser also, but it is more convenient to use it on the app.


Tapping the “Groups” icon at the bottom will take you to an existing group chat. Here you can also start a new group chat. You can also add your friends to the group chat as per your wish and can also leave the group if needed. If you want, you can also pin that group chat window to the top of your messages.

2. Bots
Who wants to chat with people when you can chat with bots (machines).

Since April, Facebook has allowed chatbots to business houses. Through these chat bots, these business houses can send you news or weather information. Like chatting with normal friends, you can also send messages to these bots, the only difference is that the reply will be given to you by the software. Sometimes the answers can be very strange.

But bots can also be useful. For example, with the help of Expedia, you can search for hotels and also make bookings by messaging its bot. All you have to do is tell the bot when and where you are going. After searching for some time, the bot will give you hotel options. The bot will send you to Expedia’s website to book a hotel.


This is just the beginning. A day will come when you will be able to book a hotel directly from the messenger.

3. To send money
Using a debit card, you can also send money to your Facebook friend through messenger. For this, the card of that Facebook friend should also be linked to the Facebook account. You can also demand your money. To use the payment option, select the person from whom you want money. After this tap on Payments. There is no extra charge for sending and receiving payments, but you will have to use only debit card for this. Credit card will not work.


4. Video Call
Doesn’t your mother use Skype? You can’t even use FaceTime because your friend is on Android?


You can also make video calls with the help of messenger. It is absolutely free for you on Wi-Fi connection. But for using mobile data, the telecom company may charge for it.

5. Playing games
If you want, you can also play football in the messenger app. Pick a friend to play with you. After this select the emoji keyboard of the messenger. For this you have to select the emoji icon visible on the left side of the message window. After this tap the football icon and send it to your friend. After this, tap the ball with your fingers and keep tapping continuously so that the ball remains in the air.


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