5 Android apps from which you can earn from home

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In today’s era, there are many people who prefer to work at home instead of going to office regularly. Some of these people also have family constraints, due to which they cannot step out of the house to earn. Freelancing is a good option for such category. If you spend a few hours sitting at home in your own area, you can open the doors of ‘extra income’ for yourself. Today we are telling you about such apps that provide freelance work, where you can do the work of your interest at your fixed price. Yes, you will have to work hard here too, because without hard work no one will give you money. But if you get good feedback from your better work on this platform, then you can definitely earn a full time job in freelancing.

In this article, we have told about those apps which have got a good rating on Google Play Store. And users have also given good feedback-

Freelancer – Hire & Find Jobs

As you can guess from the name, this is a freelancing Android.messenger&hl=en” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>app With which ’employers’ and ‘working people’ are connected from all over the world. Here you can both ask for work and give work. After signing up through e-mail or any social medium, this app shows you a list of tasks according to your skills. Through this app which has a rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store, you can choose the work of your interest and place bidding (as per the budget of the work provider). When your payment is made in this app, some money is deducted as commission fee. This app also gives the user options like premium and basic subscription, in which it is claimed that you will get the work as soon as possible and earn well. Here you can get many freelance jobs like translation, production, script writing, website designing and voiceover. The authorized office of Freelancer.com is in Australia. This app is available on both Android and iOS. You can download it by visiting Google Play Store and Apple Store.

efii – Freelancers Near Me

effie a freelancing app , which claims to connect you with an employer in your nearby area. From teaching Spanish to fitness trainer, photographer to makeup artist, you can find and do part-time work here. After signing into this app, you can ‘Offer Service’ or ‘Request Service’. Features like 20 different categories, selection based on location are provided in this app. The rating of this app is 4.7 on Google Play Store.

Truelancer.com – Search Jobs & Hire Freelancer

The next app in this series is Truelancer.com. It has a rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store. app Claims that here you can find work and also give work to others. This app pays for your work through wallet methods like PayPal, Paytm. Here you can choose various tasks like creating a banner or logo for someone’s personal business, providing content, translation etc.

Fiverr – Freelance Services

Freelancing on Google Playstore app The rating is 4.6. This app claims to provide you work in 116 types of categories. Here you can get work or give work to someone in areas like blogging, voiceover, promotion, digital marketing. This app asks you to submit a request, in which you fill in your introduction and details of the work you want to do. After this the needy party contacts you and offers you a fee as per their budget. The authorized offices of this app are in San Francisco, Miami and New York.

Taskkers – Local Freelancer

It has a rating of 4.6 on Google Play Store. app Claims to get you work from your city to abroad. This app claims to provide you work in areas ranging from web designing to photography and from content to production. Its office in India is in Surat city of Gujarat. By signing up here, you can search for work related to your interest and field or give work to others.

Let us tell you that we are not rating any of these apps. The list has been prepared on the basis of their rating and user reviews on Google Play Store. We would suggest you to read the terms and conditions carefully to get detailed information about the app.


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