You will get a loan of ₹ 7000 without civil, know how the money will come to your bank account in 2 minutes.

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Without Cibil 7000 Mobile Loan: Many times our CIBIL score becomes very low due to the mistakes made by us knowingly or unknowingly. After low CIBIL score, we do not get any loan easily. Sometimes you need a small personal loan. But due to low CIBIL score, it becomes difficult for you to get that also. Today we will tell you a method through which you can get a loan of ₹ 7000/- by applying in just 2 minutes with the help of RBI approved website or mobile application.

This loan of ₹ 7000 can prove to be very useful for such people. Like students, professionals, men, women who suddenly need money. In this way, taking loan through online medium is 100% safe but you have to take loan only from the application approved by RBI. For complete information, you will have to read this article till the end.

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What are the benefits of 7000 Mobile Loan without Cibil?

  • The best advantage of this loan is considered to be that you can get the loan sitting at home with the help of your smartphone.
  • Through this type of loan, you can take a loan ranging from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 10 lakh, for which you get time from 3 months to 5 years to repay.
  • You have to take loan only from NBFCs approved by Reserve Bank of India.
  • Here you can easily get your personal loan, credit line, pay letter, product loan.
  • Any Indian can easily apply for this loan, for which you do not need a CIBIL score.
  • When you apply for a loan, no payment is taken from you upfront.
  • The entire process takes just a few minutes and you get the loan instantly.

What is the eligibility for 7000 Mobile Loan without Cibil?

  • An Indian citizen whose age is between 21 years to 59 years can take this type of loan.
  • Such persons who are receiving salary every month and the salary comes in their savings account or salary account, then they can apply for it.
  • The person applying must have a mobile number linked to Aadhar card.
  • The service of whatever mobile application you are applying through should be available at your location.
  • If you are also planning to take 7000 Mobile Loan without Cibil, then you have to pay your installments on time.

What are the documents required for 7000 Mobile Loan without Cibil?

If you want a loan even against low CIBIL, you can easily apply. For this you have to prepare some documents in advance.

  • The person applying must have PAN card and Aadhar card.
  • While applying online you will have to upload your selfie.
  • You will have to verify the OTP received on the mobile number so that you can sign the loan agreement.
  • You do not need any salary slip for this type of loan.
  • It is important for you to have details related to your bank account.
  • It is necessary to have the email address of the person applying.

How much interest is charged on Without Cibil 7000 Mobile Loan?

  • If you want to take a loan of Rs 7000 without CIBIL score, then here you may have to pay interest ranging from 15% to 36%.
  • While applying, you will have to pay a processing fee which can be 10% of the loan or a maximum of Rs 10000.
  • You have to give NACH approval for the loan, due to which if you ever do not deposit the installment on time, a penalty will be imposed on you.
  • You also have to pay additional GST of 18% on whatever expenses will be incurred for the loan.

Where to get 7000 Mobile Loan without Cibil

There are many such applications and websites where you can apply for a loan of ₹ 7000. Below we are telling you some lists where you can apply for loans ranging from ₹ 1000 to ₹ 10 lakh. If you keep paying the loan installments on time, your civil score also keeps increasing slowly. To get the loan you will have to complete the KYC process. However, here you can get a small loan even without salary slip.

  • Moneytap – Loan limit of Rs 5 lakh
  • Simpl – Online Loan up to Rs.25000
  • Mobikwik – Online Loan by Phone up to Rs. 2 Lakh
  • Lazypay- Online loan from mobile up to Rs. 5 lakh
  • Freopay- Online Loan up to Rs 8000
  • Ring – Loan from phone up to a limit of Rs 2 lakh
  • Rapidpaisa – Phone Loan up to Rs 15000
  • Privo – Mobile Loan up to Rs 5 lakh
  • IND Money – Online Loan up to Rs 50000
  • Rupeeredee – Personal Loan up to Rs.20000
  • Rapidrupee – Online Loan up to Rs.25000
  • Creditt – Online Loan Without Credit Score Upto Rs.30000
  • Branch – Cash loan up to Rs 50000 from mobile
  • Intamoney – Phone Loan up to Rs 50000
  • Fairmoney – Mobile Loan up to Rs 60000
  • Truebalance – Online Loan up to Rs 1 Lakh
  • Hero Fincorp loan – Loan up to Rs 3 lakh
  • Kissht – Loan up to Rs 2 lakh
  • Kreditzy – Loan up to Rs 3 lakh
  • Kreditbee – Loan up to Rs 5 lakh

How to apply for 7000 Mobile Loan without Cibil

  • We have given a list of some applications for you. Install and download the application through which you want to apply for mobile loan of ₹7000/- in your mobile.
  • After this, when you open this application for the first time, here you will have to register some necessary information with your mobile number and email ID.
  • After this, to complete your KYC process, you will have to enter details like your online selfie bank details, PAN card, Aadhar card and verify with the help of OTP received on the mobile number.
  • After this you will be offered a loan where you can give information about how much loan you want and submit it.
  • You are required to verify the loan agreement through OTP. When your loan is approved, the loan approval amount will be sent directly to your bank account.

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