Earn lakhs of rupees every month by opening petrol pump

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Petrol Pump Dealership Business Idea 2024 (Earn lakhs of rupees every month by opening a petrol pump): If you have a good amount of money to start a business and you are thinking of starting a new business. Petrol Pump Dealership Business This is going to be a very good option for you because by starting this business you can easily earn lakhs of rupees per month. It costs a little more to start this business, but you will get many times more profit than the cost. This business can make you rich.

Let us tell you that many companies from government to private sector sell oil in the country, which include the names of government companies like Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil and Hindustan Petroleum. Apart from these, many private companies like Reliance, Essar Oil also do oil business. Such business companies try to open petrol pumps in every area, if you want, you can start petrol pump dealership business by getting information about the offers given by these companies.

If you are not aware of this how to open petrol pump come on How to apply for petrol pump dealership So further through this article we will provide you complete information about it. Apart from this, we are going to answer all the questions like why open a petrol pump dealership business, how much will it cost to open a petrol pump and how much will be earned from it. Therefore, please read this article carefully till the end.

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Why open Petrol Pump Dealership Business?

There is no need to explain to you how high the demand for petrol and diesel is today. Without these, no vehicle can run in today's time, so you can understand how much profit you can get in this business. You can earn thousands of rupees daily from this business and there is no possibility of loss in this business. Further we will provide you many more important information related to this business.

How much will it cost to open a petrol pump?

If you want to start petrol pump business then you will need a big investment for this. It also depends on where you are starting the petrol pump business. If you want to start a petrol pump business in a rural area, you will have to spend Rs 15 to 20 lakh, whereas to start this business in urban areas, you may have to invest Rs 35 to 40 lakh.

How much will you earn in petrol pump business?

Now if you How much can you earn from petrol pump dealership business? If you are thinking about it, then let us tell you that there is a profit of Rs 2.5 to Rs 3 on selling 1 liter of petrol. And if you sell 4 to 5 thousand liters of petrol every day, you can earn a profit of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per day. In this way, you can easily earn up to Rs 5 lakh every month by starting this business. Diesel and petrol are such things in the market whose demand will never decrease, so you will get only profit from this business.

Eligibility for petrol pump business. Eligibility

Petrol Pump Business To start, first of all you will have to get a license for it. To start this business, your age should be between 21 years to 55 years. You can open this business in any rural or urban area. If you are thinking about petrol pump dealership business, then let us tell you that to open a petrol pump in an urban area, your educational qualification should be 12th pass and to open this business in a rural area, your educational qualification should be 10th pass.

How to open petrol pump? (How to open petrol pump)

To open a petrol pump, first you have to apply for a license. First of all, the companies doing oil business identify those areas where there is a need to open petrol pumps, after identifying these areas, the companies advertise for opening petrol pumps there and give offers to the people to open petrol pumps. Are. You can apply for the offers given by these companies.

After doing this, the land and cost etc. are reviewed by the company. Let us tell you that to open a petrol pump, you will need at least 800 square meters of land, whereas if you are thinking of opening a petrol pump on State Highway and National Highway, then you will need at least 1200 square meters of land. Must be needed.

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How to apply for Petrol Pump Dealership Business?

Petrol Pump Dealership Business To start, you will have to establish business on the basis of different petrol companies, for which you can apply in this way –

What things should be kept in mind before starting petrol pump dealership business?

Before starting petrol pump dealership business, you have to keep some special things in mind, such as –

  • Before opening a petrol pump of any company, you have to get information about what is the market position of that company and how it is performing.
  • You should never apply for the offers of a loss making company, otherwise you may also suffer losses.
  • You can apply for the offers of such a company which has a good market position and is running in profit and can apply for dealership by visiting the official website of that company.
  • For more information, you can get information by visiting the official website of the petrol pump.
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