Earn 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month by starting Pani Puri business, see complete information!

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Pani Puri Business Idea : Everyone wants less investment and more profit, but people consider those businesses as small where this is possible. This is one such business.Pani Puri business”Which is very easy and beneficial to install. You will be surprised to know that Pani Puri business can be started with very little investment and profits can be earned for a long time.

Through today's article we will tell you that How to start Pani Puri business, Here you will get all the information about Pani Puri business, like how to start Pani Puri business? How much capital will be required for this? What material will be used? And how much profit can be earned from this every day. But to get all this information you will have to read this article completely.

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Some brief information about Pani Puri Business Idea

Pani Puri is very popular among women. This is street food which is also called Golgappa, Gupchup, Phuchka etc. If you want to start this business, then first you need to know what materials will be required for it –

  • Pani puri is made of boiled potatoes, chopped onions, chickpeas and a mixture of Indian spices and is mainly made from wheat flour or semolina.
  • In India, Golgappa is eaten fondly with water made from tamarind, dry ginger, garlic, mint etc.
  • This is a very popular food, hence its business never stops. Pani Puri is eaten with fondness in every season.
  • There is no need to invest much capital for this, this startup can be started to earn more profits on less investment.

How to start Pani Puri business?

If you want, you can start Pani Puri business on a small scale in the beginning, like –

  • by opening a pani puri shop
  • By doing business of Pani Puri on a cart
  • Becoming a water puri wholesaler etc.

What ingredients are required to make Pani Puri?

The raw materials used to make Pani Puri can be easily found anywhere. Although their prices may be different everywhere, yet Pani Puri can be prepared and sold with less investment. Following is the list of ingredients required to make Pani Puri –

  • Flour
  • Wheat
  • Semolina
  • Oil
  • Tamarind
  • Potato
  • peas/chickpeas
  • Onion
  • Pani Puri Masala

Note: Apart from these ingredients, you can use other ingredients as per your taste. Generally, you can start this business by preparing about 105 to 115 Pani Puri from 1 kilogram of flour/semolina or maida. According to this, you can estimate yourself how much material you will need every day to run this business.

Where to get the ingredients to make Pani Puri?

To prepare Pani Puri, you can easily get all the ingredients anywhere. You can buy all the ingredients from the nearest grocery store or wholesale. By purchasing ingredients from a wholesaler, you will get all the goods at a lower price than a grocery store.

Apart from the ingredients, you will also need the machine used to make Panipuri, but if your budget is less then you can make Panipuri with your hands also. Once the business is running well, you can use the machine to take it to a bigger level.

Which machine will be used to make Pani Puri?

Making Panipuri is not an easy task, so you can take the help of automatic Panipuri making machines, like you will need a mixer to knead the dough and an automatic machine to prepare the puri by rolling it. You can easily get this machine for ₹20,000 to ₹25,000.

Total capital to start Pani Puri business

If we talk about the total capital required to open a Pani Puri business, it depends on how you are starting this business. If you prepare Pani Puri through machines, you will need to invest more because you will have to buy the machine also. Whereas if you make Pani Puri with your hands then you will not need to invest much.

Its entire material costs around Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. If you start the business of Pani Puri through a cart, then you will have to invest 15 to 20 thousand rupees. In this way, you can easily start Pani Puri business with Rs 25,000 to 30,000.

Total profit from Pani Puri business

The business of Pani Puri runs equally in every season. If you do this work even for 6 to 8 hours, you can earn Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 every day. Now you can estimate how much money you will earn in a month.

License and business registration is necessary for Pani Puri business.

If you want to open the business of Pani Puri, then you will get a lot of profit from it, but if you start it on a large scale, then you will also need licenses and different types of registrations, like –

  • business registration
  • GST Registration
  • industry base
  • FSSAI Certificate
  • License etc.

How to earn profit from Pani Puri business?

if you Pani puri If you want to earn maximum profits by opening a startup, then for this you will have to keep some things in mind. In today's time, competition has increased a lot in this sector because people have now started understanding that the profit in Pani Puri business is very high. If you want your business to grow rapidly, then you have to keep the following things in mind –

  • First of all you have to take care of the taste of Pani Puri. Before selling Pani Puri, you should taste it yourself. You should sell it only if you like its taste.
  • You should always set up a Pani Puri stall in a crowded area.
  • You can do Pani Puri business at office, school or station.
  • You should choose the place for Pani Puri according to the time like in the afternoon you can run your business near schools, colleges, government and private offices as it is the lunch time.
  • A lot of crowd can be seen in the market in the evening, hence your business can run faster in the evening.
  • You need to take care that golgappas never fall short for the customers.
  • You should give one or two more golgappas to the customers than others so that they become your customers and you can get profit.
  • Also, take care of cleanliness and never feed pani puri to customers without hand gloves.

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