International Labor Day 2024 – International Labor Day 2024: Respect for workers and social justice

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International Labour Day 2024

International Labor Day on 1 May every year is celebrated. This day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the contributions of workers around the world and their rights.

International Labour Day 2024 Theme

In 2024, the theme of International Labor Day will be “Ensuring Safety and Health at Work in a Changing Climate” Is. The theme reflects the impact on workers and emphasizes the need for solidarity and social justice to overcome this crisis.

International Labor Day (International Labour Day) History of:

International Labor Day originated in the US in 1886, when thousands of workers in Chicago went on strike to demand an 8-hour workday. Many people were killed in the violence during this strike, after which the Second International Workers' Congress in Paris in 1889 declared May 1 as International Labor Day.

International Labor Day in India:

In India, International Labor Day weaker section day come on Labour Day also known as. Various events are organized across the country on this day, including rallies, meetings and demonstrations.

Significance of International Labor Day in 2024 (International Labour Day 2023: Significance):

The significance of International Labor Day in 2024 is especially significant, as it focuses attention on the challenges faced by workers in the post-pandemic world.

Labor Day, also known as International Workers' Day, is celebrated across the world to raise awareness about their rights and to protect them from any kind of The primary objective is to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts and commitment of the working class to protect them from exploitation. It is celebrated from. In some countries this day is celebrated as Labor Day.

On this day we:

  • Respect the contributions of workers: Workers have an important contribution in building the society. This day gives us an opportunity to remember their hard work and dedication.
  • Raise voice for workers' rights: Workers have the right to fair wages, safe working conditions and social security. This day gives us an opportunity to raise our voice to protect these rights.
  • Work for social justice: In a just society, all workers enjoy equal opportunities and respect. This day inspires us to work for social justice and create a better future for all workers.

Let us all celebrate International Labor Day together and strive to create a world where all workers enjoy respect, dignity and social justice.

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