How to crack the Competitive Exams – Know how to crack competitive exams, see tips to achieve 100% success

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How to crack the Competitive Exams

We have often seen that candidates preparing for government jobs or competitive examinations have many questions in their mind regarding preparation for the examinations such as Can one prepare for the exam at home without coaching? Should we prepare for exams through limited sources even if financial condition is not good?? What should be the basics for preparing for any exam?? To answer these questions of the students, today in this article we have brought some tips which you can follow in every examination to get more marks as well. 100% success in competitive exam Can achieve. Let us now see what these tips are-

Know how to crack competitive exams, see tips to achieve 100% success

  1. Set Your Goal- First of all you should know what your goal is and how much time you have to achieve it. As many candidates start preparing for exams right from graduation, they have more time than other candidates to prepare for any exam. With proper guidance towards a set goal, you can achieve your goal in less time. Are.
  2. Know Your Syllabus- After setting goals now comes the exam syllabus Because without knowing the syllabus you cannot prepare for any exam properly. Note down the syllabus on some paper and keep it on your study table or where you study so that the syllabus remains in front of your eyes while studying.
  3. Set Your Time-table- Now you have to make a time table which you can easily follow. Never make a time table that you cannot follow. Went out to study for about 8 hours daily. Candidates who are studying along with job should take out minimum 3-5 hours to study every day and keep more time for studying on weekends. Also keep in mind that Success in exams depends not on time but on quality. it occurs.
  4. Self Management- always remember that It is very important for you to remain positive while preparing for any exam. Therefore, while preparing for the exam, avoid negative people and negative Stay away from things. At this time, only your hard work is in your hands, the result of the rest of the examination depends on your hard work. The more time you give to your hard work, the better will be the result.
  5. Regular Classes- Whether you take online or offline classes, it is very important to be regular. By doing this, it becomes a routine for you to attend class and study any subject which is very important for the examination. Therefore, you should not miss any class without any reason which you cannot neglect.
  6. Revision- Along with studies, it is most important Revision because without it you will keep reading further but will forget the previous part. So in your routine Give space to revision also.
  7. Previous Year Papers- By looking at the previous years' papers, you can easily understand the pattern of the exam and you will also get to know what type of questions or from which topic are more questions in the exam by looking at the previous years' papers. Before starting preparation for the exam, definitely check the previous years' papers.
  8. Time-Bound Exercises and Mocks- As much time is given to you for the exam for which you are preparing, you have to give mocks and quizzes at home also in the same time so that you can get the exam like environment and you will not be nervous while giving the real exam.
  9. Clear Your Doubts- If there is any doubt in any topic then it has to be cleared immediately or as soon as possible so that if anything comes up related to that topic then you can understand.
  10. Focus and Self Determination- Only your dedication and hard work towards your goal will take you towards success. If you think that you have limited resources, then just remember our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, who used to sell newspapers in his childhood but on the strength of his hard work became the Missile Man of India and was later recognized as the first citizen of the country. Got the achievement of being. There are many such examples around us who have nothing but are still working hard.


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