Start business of making Dona plates, earn Rs 40,000/- per month

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Dona Plate Making Business Idea In Hindi : If you are still unemployed and do not have much money to do business, then today we are going to tell you about a great business idea. As you know, the demand for Dona-Plate is very high in any function or festival, hence if you start this business even on a small scale, you can earn huge profits. For this business you will need to buy a double plate making machine, after which you can start a new business.

Today in this article we will tell you dona plate business idea Will provide detailed information about. In which you will get answers to every question related to business, like how profitable is this business, what is required to start it, how much capital will be required, which machines will be suitable, how much will be the profit, how will this business be registered etc. To get all this important information, you will have to read this article completely.

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How to start Dona Plate Making Business?

Dona Plate Making Business It is very profitable because it is one of the demanding businesses. Whether you live in city or village, you can start this work anywhere. Especially for women, this can be a great option to earn income. Even a less educated person can do this work easily.

Different types of machines are available in the market for making Dona plates. Whose price may also be different at different places. For example, a manual machine for making double plates can be available for Rs 7 thousand and a manual machine for making plates can be available for Rs 16 thousand.

To start this business, one has to apply for license within the first 15 days. Initially, you can do this business on a small scale, like you can prepare Dona plates for nearby shops, weddings, party functions etc. If you sell it at a lower rate than the market, you will get more customers and gradually you will be able to expand your business.

What is the machine for making dona plates and their price?

Dona Plate Making Business For this you can use three types of machines, information about which is given below –

1. Manual Machine: It is operated by hand. If you buy this machine, you will have to do all the work from raw material input to production by hand. The price of Dona making manual machine starts from Rs. 7 thousand and this machine is based on hand press or foot press. Whereas the price of plate making machine starts from Rs 16 thousand which is based on hand press. While the capacity of the double making machine depends on the manual operator, the plate making machine is electrical.

2. Semi Automatic Machine: This machine comes in three phase in which the machine will complete half of your work. Fit the die of the size of dona or plate you want to prepare in the machine and put the dona or plate paper in the machine by hand while the machine is working, after which your dona plate will come out ready. The price of this machine starts from Rs 30 thousand and it has the capacity to make about 10 to 12 thousand dona plates in 8 hours.

3. Fully Automatic Machine: This machine also comes in three phase but you will not need to do any work in it. All the work will be automated in this. Fit the die of the size of dona or plate you want to prepare in the machine and then fit the size of the roll of dona or plate in the machine, after this the production will start as soon as you turn on the machine. The price of this machine starts from Rs 55 thousand and it has the capacity to make about 25 to 30 thousand double plates in 8 hours. Single and double die can be used in this machine.

Raw-Material for Dona Plate Making

Dona Plate Making Business Some raw materials will be required such as roll of dona plate. While buying this, you need to keep some things in mind like you will get this material according to thickness and the price of paper roll will also be accordingly. Its price can start from Rs 40 per kg. Apart from this, you may also need plastic rope and polythene bag which is used for Dona Plate Packaging.

You will also need a die to make both plates, which you will get in single or double form and its price will depend on its size. You have to choose the size of die for dona ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches and for plates up to 12 inches. You will also get dyes in different types of designs.

Cost of Dona Plate Making Business

Dona Plate Making Business The cost depends on the materials required for the business. You will have to spend on the following materials –

  • Dona Plate Roll
  • polythene bag
  • plastic rope
  • Dona Plate Making Machine
  • Shop rent if you don't have your own shop.
  • Interior of the shop
  • worker's salary
  • delivery charges

If you do this business on a small scale from your home using a manual machine, then you may have to invest Rs 30 to 40 thousand in this business, whereas using an automatic machine may cost up to Rs 1 lakh.

Note: Let us tell you that the expenses incurred in this business depend on what level you are doing this business, what type of machine you are using, how many people are working under you. Talking about electricity bill, it also depends on the type of machine and how much you are using it. Generally, the machines used in this business run on three phase electricity and can consume 3 to 4 units of electricity per day.

Where to start Dona plate making business?

You can choose any location and install Dona Plate Making Machine and earn profits. However, you need to choose a good place to sell Dona plates so that they are sold quickly. You can prepare Dona plates at home and sell them in crowded places. If you want, you can earn profit by doing home delivery to wholesalers and retailers and can also sell them online.

How much will be the profit from Dona Plate Making Business?

First you need to know what is the price of Dona Plate in the market. If you sell at a slightly lower price than that, even though you will get less money in the beginning, your customers will increase, which will give you more profits in the future. Generally, in the business of making two plates, it costs 50 to 60 paise to make one plate, so if you sell it even for Re 1 and it is sold in bulk, then you can earn good money. You can easily earn Rs 30 to 40000 per month from this business.

Registration and license of Dona plate making business

Before starting Dona Plate business, you will need to do business registration. After registration, you will have to apply for Gumasta or trade license within 15 days depending on the level of business.

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