11th May Daily Current Affairs 2024: Daily GK Update for all exams

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Here 11th May, 2024 Headlining events such as: Indian Coast Guard, Chief of Personnel of Indian Navy, Defence Technology Projects, HDFC Bank, Thomas Cook India Introduces TCPay, Mother’s Day 2024, Bajaj Auto to become familiar with etc. Daily GK updates is given After reading about these events, you can current affairs quiz can also practice

Banking Awareness and Static Awareness questions asked in General Awareness section are mainly based on current affairs. So you need to prepare this section well to score good marks.General Awareness section plays an important role in scoring more than the cut off marks in any competitive exam.

Top 18 Daily GK Updates: National & International News

Below are given top 18 important Daily General Knowledge 2023 updates with national and international news.

important day

Mother's Day 2024: Date, History and Significance

mother's Day every year second sunday of may Is celebrated. this year it 12 May 2024 Will be celebrated. Mother's Day is not just a celebration but also a special occasion to express gratitude and respect towards mothers. This day reminds us that mothers are the most important people in our lives and our gratitude towards them should never diminish.

Mother's Day has its roots in ancient times, where cultures such as the Greeks and Romans held festivals honoring mother goddesses such as Rhea and Cybele, who symbolized fertility and motherhood. In Christian traditions, 16th-century England “Mothering Sunday” It was celebrated where people present small gifts to their mothers at their main church.

National Technology Day 2024: Celebrating India's technological prowess

every year in india 11th May To national technology day is celebrated. This day innovators, scientists and engineers It is dedicated to recognizing the contribution of and promoting scientific and technological innovation in the country. This day for the first time in Pokhran in 1998 Success nuclear test Was established to commemorate. This test was an important milestone in India's technological progress, and it nuclear weapons technology Paved the way to achieve leading position in the field.

History of National Technology Day in India 1998 From, when the Indian Army attacked the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Rajasthan under the supervision of Five nuclear bomb tests (Pokhran-II) Had done. Pokhran – II leadership of india Missile Man Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was did. After the huge success of Pokhran Test India is the sixth nuclear country As was entitled.

World Migratory Bird Day 2024: Importance of insects

World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) is an annual global campaign that aims to raise awareness about the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats. This year, WMBD will be celebrated on two dates: Saturday, 11 May 2024 and saturday, 12 October 2024to align with the cyclical patterns of bird migration in different hemispheres.

Theme of World Migratory Bird Day 2024 “Insects” Is. This year's campaign will focus on highlighting the important role of insects in the lives of migratory birds. It will also highlight concerns surrounding declining insect populations and the potential impact this could have on these winged travellers.


RBI appoints R Lakshmi Kanth Rao as executive director

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) appointed R Lakshmi Kant Rao as Executive Director (ED). RBI said in a statement that before being appointed Executive Director, Rao was working as Chief General Manager-in-charge in the Regulation Department.

Rao will now handle the functions of Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, Right to Information Act (FAA) and Department of Communications as Executive Director. Rao has over three decades of experience in the Reserve Bank. He has worked in the areas of regulation of banks and NBFCs, bank supervision and consumer protection.


Industrial production pace slowed down in March 2024, IIP growth rate at 4.9 percent

The pace of industrial production in the country has slowed down. Due to poor performance of the mining sector, the growth rate of domestic industrial production in March was 4.9 percent on a monthly basis, which was 5.6 percent in February this year. The rate of industrial production during March 2023 was 1.9 percent. According to the data of the Ministry of Statistics, the growth rate of industrial production during the entire financial year has been 5.8 percent, which was 5.2 percent during the previous financial year.

According to the data, the growth rate of the mining sector has declined to 1.2 percent in March which was 6.8 percent in the same period last year. The growth rate of the manufacturing sector has been 5.2 percent which was 1.5 percent in March last year. Last month there was a growth of 8.6 percent in electricity production and 9.5 percent growth in consumer durables sector. The growth rate of capital goods sector has declined to 6.1 percent which was 10 percent in March last year.

Thomas Cook India introduces TCPay: a game-changer in international money transfers

Thomas Cook India User-friendly digital service designed to simplify and enhance the remittance process Launch of TCPay Has revolutionized international money transfers. Traditionally, sending money abroad was associated with tedious paperwork and limited tenure. With TCPay, customers can now enjoy 24×7 remittances with ease and efficiency.

TCPay offers a simple and intuitive digital interface across Thomas Cook's digital platforms, including FXNOW (B2C app), portal, and call center for support. This ensures a hassle-free experience for customers.

Zeta launches digital credit service for banks

Zeta, a global provider of cutting-edge banking technology, has unveiled its digital credit as a service offering in Democratizing Credit 2024. Leveraging NPCI's credit line on UPI scheme, Zeta aims to tap into the growing credit market in India, thereby scaling up transaction volumes. Will cross $1 trillion by 2030. With the goal of capturing 50% of this market, Zeta's solution streamlines credit issuance processes for banks, facilitating faster deployment of diverse credit products.

Ramki Gaddipati, CEO APAC and Global CTO at Zeta, sees Line of Credit on UPI as a transformative force in India's credit landscape. Describing it as a “credit delivery superhighway”, Gaddipati underlines the opportunity to revolutionize credit inclusion by providing real-time credit solutions. Anticipating exponential growth similar to the trajectory of UPI, he emphasizes the need for strong banking infrastructure capable of handling large-scale credit volumes.


Vice Admiral Sanjay Bhalla takes over as Chief of Personnel of the Indian Navy

As Chief of Personnel of the Indian Navy Vice Admiral Sanjay Bhalla Has been appointed. He has been serving the country for the last 35 years. On May 10, Vice Admiral Sanjay Bhalla was given the charge of Chief of Personnel of the Indian Navy. In a career spanning 35 years, he has served on a wide range of specialist, staff and operational appointments both afloat and ashore.

01 January 1989 Vice Admiral Bhalla was commissioned into the Indian Navy on communication and electronic war Gained expertise in. He served on several frontline warships, honing his skills and expertise. After this, they Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet (FOCEF) privileged to hold commanding roles at sea including the prestigious appointment of


Positive growth in Indian exports to 115 countries in 2023-24

According to the latest data released by the Union Commerce Ministry, out of the total 238 countries/territories from which India exports goods and services, India's exports have registered positive growth in 115 countries in 2023-24. Major export markets of the United States, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, China, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Germany and Italy recorded positive growth rates in exports. Out of 229 countries/territories from which India imports goods and services, imports from 124 countries have registered a decline in 2023-24.

The share of India's merchandise exports in the world export market has increased from 1.70 percent in 2014 to 1.82 percent in 2023. During the same period, India's rank among world merchandise exporters has also improved from 19th to 17th.


India contributed half a million dollars to the United Nations Trust Fund for Counter Terrorism

The threat of terrorism is increasing globally. To combat terrorism, India has contributed half a million dollars to the United Nations Trust Fund for Counter Terrorism (CTTF).

India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Ruchira Kamboj, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations Office on Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT), on May 7, made a voluntary contribution of half a million dollars to the United Nations Trust Fund for Counter-Terrorism to strengthen the efforts of the Indian Counter-Terrorism Organization. Assigned to Vladimir Voronkov.

Japan and Nagaland inaugurate Kohima Peace Memorial and Eco Park

Putin re-appoints Mikhail Mishustin as Russian Prime Minister

Russian President Vladimir Putin has Mikhail Mishustin To Prime Minister of Russia Subject to the approval of the State Duma, the lower house of parliament. This decision has been taken as part of the legal process after Putin took oath for the fifth presidential term on Tuesday.

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin announced that the House would hold a session later on Friday to consider Mishustin's candidacy. However, given the Kremlin-controlled nature of the parliament, Mishustin's approval is considered a mere formality.

Chad's military dictator Idriss Deby wins presidential election

festival military dictator of and Interim President Mahamat Idris Déby Itno has May 6, 2024 happened on victory in presidential election Has attained. May 10, 2024 To National Election Management Agency This provisional result, announced by , is set to extend Déby's rule for another six years.

Mahamat's father Idris Deby ruled Chad for 2021 years. Mahamat Idris Déby took over as interim president after his father's death, later consolidating power with the support of army generals.


New Zealand's Colin Munro announces retirement from international cricket

New Zealand's top order batsman colin munro Has announced his retirement from international cricket after being overlooked for the upcoming T20 World Cup. The decision marks the end of an era that saw the player become the most destructive T20 batsman in the world.

During his international career, Munro scored a total of 3,010 runs in 1 Test, 57 ODIs and 65 T20Is. However, it was in the shortest format of the game that Munro truly showcased his batting skills, earning a reputation as a T20 specialist.


Indian Coast Guard signs MoU with Hindalco for indigenous marine-grade aluminum

Indian Coast Guard (ICG) and a leading industry group Hindalco Industries together to build ships in the country Marine Grade Aluminum It has been decided to work together to promote manufacturing and supply of. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) The objective of the collaboration formalized through this is to enhance India's self-reliance in the shipbuilding sector.

ICG Fleet Presently 67 ships which has an aluminum hull design, which shallow water Designed for operation in. To further strengthen coastal security, the Coast Guard plans to induct more such vessels, and indigenously produced marine grade aluminum will be used in their construction.

Important current affairs of 11th May 2024

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