What's BJP's Twin Plan For 2024 Success? | Ram Mandir | New Parliament Building | English News

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As the Modi sarkar celebrates 9 years of being in power the BJP is facing a political landscape that is changing rapidly? So what …

What is the in this Video

Foreign took charge of the Prime Minister of India right at this four Court of rashtrapati Bhavan in these nine years lots have changed the political landscape even the national capital has changed where I’m standing at this point of time the oppositions blow hot blow cold the rise and the fall and the rise

Of Rahul Gandhi but as we inch closer to a new Parliament building is their new strategy which the BJP is planning for 2024 and will that strategy work on one take this week we discuss the new or the rather the twin strategy of the BJP to win 2024. Oh foreign Building A Renewed opposition bigger poster Karnataka election results and our new strategy by the BJP what we are discussing on one take this week is Ram mandir plus women Factor predominantly will this really work for the BJP now let’s talk about a ram mandir first

January 2024 just a couple of months before polling takes place for the Lok Sabha elections that’s the plan of the BJP to inaugurate or to open up the ram mandir of course it’s going to be a grand show will the Prime Minister the top ministers all of them being there

And certainly the message which is going out is talk hindutua it’s the BJP now Ram mandir becomes an emotive issue not just in uttar Pradesh but also in Bihar madhya Pradesh and in many other states at the end of the day as it said famously religion is the Opium of their

Masses when it comes to religious beliefs when it comes to superstitions also nothing can match it the sentiment or emotions of the Indian voter and that is what the BJP is calculating on and that’s also perhaps one main reason why most of the opposition parties whether

It’s the TMC the Congress the jdu even the southern parties they are in a rush to project themselves as a Qatar Hindu party now let’s talk about the BJP whether Ram mandir emotive is actually going to work yes of course it’s likely to and it most certainly will at least

In uttar Pradesh in the last up elections it did make a main factor but that doesn’t mean that the up may BJP did not try to find Balancing Act you’re the Prime Minister the BJP reaching out to the Muslims especially the women and I’m going to talk about that a little

Later so when we talk about the woman factor that was a yardstick which was adopted by the BJP as far as the ram mandir issue is concerned that we also want a balance of you know the voters we want to address all cars Community religions but predominantly at the core

Of the BJP voters is the hindutva sentiment now the bjp’s calculation is Ram mandir gets inaugurated pump and Glory show Closer to the Lok Sabha elections so the public memory is fresh it’s going to influence it not just in uttar Pradesh but also in say madhya Pradesh in Bihar and Southern States

Also I mean let’s not forget in the Karnataka elections we saw religion becoming an important factor of bajrang that may not have been but whether it was the Congress rulers at DK shiv Kumar going to Temples if religion was not an important factor then I don’t think even

The Gandhi family would have bothered to go to the temples not just now but even earlier ahead of the up elections in Lok Sabha elections so Ram mandir is one factor where according to bjp’s calculation they think that at least it can help them up to at least 50 or 60

Plus votes and I’m putting it at a very uh you know kind of not a very generous limit I’m being very very stingy but a number of states that BJP calculates so their calculations would listen to some of the leaders is at least we will be

Able to win 100 seats which is 100 150 plus they feel that a ram mandir is going to impact this now let’s talk about the woman Factor when we talk about the woman factor in Karnataka I’ll give an example because I’ve just come from there and that’s fresh in public

Memory there were at least 50 percent of those constituencies where the number of Women Voters were much much more than that of the male voters which is why if you have noticed that the calling card of the congress party the BJP was certainly as far as a Women Voters are concerned now

It’s an open fact 2024 women empowerment nari Shakti that’s the calling card of the BJP what the BJP is trying to project is it is only under us that women have been able to reach those areas where they have not been able to reach earlier now in terms of economic

Empowerment we know of the government’s various scheme the mudra scheme giving soft loans to startups begun by women women entrepreneurs you know women-centric startups Industries factories all of them being given a heads up by the government and a thumbs up too in terms of soft loans I remember

When I traveled to Kashmir and many other states there were women who were telling me in a first time young entrepreneurs that when we went to a bank it was easier for us to get a loan as a woman to begin a startup the men had to stand in longer lines whereas a

Woman did not have to do so that’s One messaging with the government hopes economic empowerment of women is also going to lead to a political empowerment apart from that if you remember this time around 26 January the parade is going to be dominated by women in the

Last 15 August also I remember I was very much here they were all women battalions and when I spoke to them they talked about the fact and you know some of them came in from states which were the feudal mentality like haryana and Rajasthan and they said you know

Increasingly we are not finding it difficult to convince our parents home especially our fathers and brothers on why we want to take up our profession which is considered to be hatke and unusual as far as women are concerned so that is also one big factor women going

Into new areas whether in sports we’ve talked about that and we are seeing them and sports getting incentives Army Air Force the skies the the sea the ground all of their women empowerment has become a big ticket and the Prime Minister and the entire team is certainly encouraging that and why does

The Prime Minister I mean why does the BJP the other political parties are also recognizing it which is why you’ll notice suddenly the TMC and the congress party are talking about women reservation bill that has now become a big you know electoral calling card now

Just to focus on the BJP so BJP is calculation is and this has worked for them in up in Bihar women for example in up actually voted for them and even Muslim women because of triple talak bill that was seen as a Stein or woman empowerment so the bjp’s calculation is

100 plus seats at 150 on the ram mandir issue another 200 at least if the woman vote for us we are very very comfortable to build the RAM mandir and the women Factor actually click for the BJP but if you look at the some other state electoral results which I was talking

About it certainly has worked for the BJP so the bjp’s calculation is and they are looking at Karnataka just as an aberration more as a sign of internal division or conflict and infighting rather than a negation of their till now use policies of Ram mandir hindutva plus

A woman card and other cards as well now the question and I’m asking you all this week is do you think it’s going to click or have the other opportunity parties also smart watered up will the prime minister’s image as someone who Champions nari Shakti who’s a poster boy

Really of hindutva along with the up chief minister really worked the wonders because remember BJP has made it very clear this time round we want to have a larger margin than last time round because this is where we stand Vindicated the BJP is aware not that the

Opposition is now ganging up gearing up and possibly can also overcome the internal differences so that’s a huge Challenge and in the third term where he’s fighting for for the Prime Minister a new building also means New Beginnings thank you so much for watching but do given your reactions on the social media

Timeline thank you [Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause]

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