PM Awas Yojna Home Loan Interest Subsidy Scheme 2023 Has been extended till Dec 2024? the whole truth

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What is the in this Video

In the last video, we had talked about Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban Sector Credit Subsidy Scheme has been extended till 2024 but many of you commented on me that the bankers are not listening, the bankers are speaking, we have not received any such notification. Yes, the bankers are still

Considering us to give this subsidy on home loans, so today we will discuss all these things, I will also show you some proof that this has come in the news as well and it was discussed in the Union Budget that came recently. All these things

Have happened, today we are going to discuss them inside this video, so watch this video completely. Hello friends, my name is Girja , let’s start the video. On top of that, here the first thing I am going to tell you is that PM hai class means credit playing subsidy scheme and this scheme

Is such that when you take a home loan, any home loan is There you can take advantage of subsidy of 267000 and this news which is this 99 one Tax website and from these trusted websites, I will also show you the reference of two-three websites

Here, in which you can see the heading here only, Class Subsidy Extended Tile Market 2014 and this is already done and this news which is three Look a little bit in this for December 2022, what is written Union Cabinet Head Previously approved

Extension PM Gramin who is PM a rural had already approved the scheme till March 2014 and with this the Non Banking Financial Company i.e. which It is called NBFC, this one which is here had requested for extension that you exchange class scheme also till December 2024 and it has been

Approved somewhere and because of this, if you look a little below here, you will see Here the complete clear position will be shown that nfbcs successfully sort and extension till December 31st 2024 or I will give you the link of the article in the description, you can read it completely from here

And it is clearly written that the class scheme is 2024 ext till december It has ended but I tried to search it a lot on the website of RBI but I did not find any such official notification on the website of the government but yes it is definitely that its already clarified

In many websites. It is possible that now this complete detail has gone to the bank, which is RBI, if it has not gone from its side, then it may happen that there is no clarification there and you can see the second thing here, the current budget. The Union budget has come,

The scope of the Union budget has now reached 86000 crores, that is, what was around 40000 crores in the last year has been done, so now the government here also has more within the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Wants to involve people

And its mission is to make everyone’s own house by 2024, the government should also try to do it here, then there will definitely be a notification on this also, so let’s see the second one, that too 99 only

For one tax. There is and clear cut is also written here in terms of credit link subsidy scheme class D government A Extended till December has written but it has become 99 one by one, now here I show another website which is Mani and this is a very trusted website, if you

Keep reading financial news then definitely know Mani control honge to yahan pe bhi aap agar dekhenge class for middle income group i.e. MIG was announced by prime minister in December 2016 announced it was initially launched for 12 months

You all know it was till March 2022 that Hajj was not granted two year extension till 2024, clear cut is also written here below and read a little bit, DCL accesses Hajj without extended till 2024 i.e. class extended till 2014. It has been given and sudden infocus means

It needs to stay in the focus of the government for three more years, it is being told here that this scheme should be extended till 2027. So here they are showing their opinion that the skin should be given 20 It has been extended till 24, but

To boost this economy, it should be extended for 3 more years till 2017, so friends, do not worry about it, it may happen very soon, the union budget, which is the union government, will soon

Release the notification. Will do all the banks and you also need to get benefit in this then wait a little As soon as this notification reaches the banks, there will be some clarity, and that too here, then

Screen dena means whatever you want to implement, you can start it and this Mr. Agarwal, who is the founder and chairman of Signature Global Group. Along with this, here is the interview of the whole thing and inside it, you are being told clearly here that the scheme has been extended till 2024.

Many of you asked me where it was written. If so, tell us, I will also share the link of all these articles with you, you can read that comment by going inside the description box, after that, clarify once with the bank owner that

This What is the meaning of what is written here, it is clearly written that the class for me for urban area has been extended till 2023, so why can’t we get the benefit, they will definitely tell you that we don’t have clarity because above Still no art application from bank till any

Clarification or notice from above Till then they will not do anything, they will keep a little in mind for you because the behavior of the bank is very clear, until something comes from above, they do not do anything,

But here what you have to do is wait a little. Have to wait and watch, because there is a double budget in the budget as well, so definitely this scheme which is going to be implemented soon, so you just have to wait and

Wait that when the scheme will be clarified with the banks Friends , I have searched a lot on the website of PM, I have been searching for an hour to find some official notification in which the extension of 2024 can be seen, but there is no one who is interested in it.

I also read that all the notifications are there, but there is still any official notification, so somewhere it will take some time until the technician notification comes, like the official notification which is here had to be cleared because A lot of people are asking me about this, that

‘s all in this video, if you like the video, then like it. Also hit the subscribe button below and don’t forget to press the bell icon so that you will get my new video notifications at the right time, I will meet you

In another new video with such fun content till this ten good bye and jai hind

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