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GruhaLakshmiSchemeRow | “BJP in last 5 years did nothing. They didn’t implement any welfare policy”: Nizam Foujdar, Congress …

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How are people responding let’s debate it we have eminent panel joining us today we have Mr nizam faustar of the congress party madhu and Rao of the BJP and Senior journalist Mr B.S Arun joining us I’ll come to you Mr Faust that first why didn’t the Congress tell people about these conditions especially

In their Manifesto and while campaigning the question is during the elections we announced five prominental promises that the congress party will Implement right after the coming into the power in Karnataka we have done that through various cabinet approvals we have done that through various cabinets from meetings and discussions and so and so

Forth there are phases how we Implement a certain guarantees now the question is how do we wish the down problems how do we support the people who need financial help today the question is not about how the riches the rich people and and people who are really affluent are not getting 2000

Tell me if that is an issue then we should go ahead and give them 2000 rupees if that is not the issue and the issues how are you concluding that anybody who’s filing their income tax return is a rich person no no no no CC that this is this is

Where the whole you yourself have said sir the price rise is a huge issue and people have totally accepted that and voted you to power absolutely right right as we have slabs within the income tax regime and we have various slabs according to the tax taxation log right

Yes there will be a certain you know discounts given to the people who are below the certain slabs the the first thing for us is to go into the BPL card holders then the APL card holders and then we will move into the taxation slabs and then the idea is to look at

The intent how we want to move into the people’s life how we want to make the lives of the people more easily how do we make people’s life more affordable that’s the question the BJP in the last five years they did nothing when the Karnataka debt was about 2 lakh 25 000

Crore in the last three years they have taken three life crores as prepared for the state and they did not Implement a single but BJP saying this is betrayal sir you didn’t till no no BJP my dear friend BJP can say 101 things or a thousand and one thing but the issue is

They did not have an intent to support the common and the poor people the congress party stands with the common and the poor people and that’s what we need to regard we need to say yes this is the party that needs that stands with the poor people of the BJP madhu

Now the Congress says we want these schemes to go to the poor people and uh it’s fine if we exclude those who are paying taxes well wonderful if that is the case but I thought for a moment before the elections the way the statements they made they

Told it’s free for everyone even for the ministers even for himself his family everything we thought they were economic czars to implement all these things within 24 hours we never knew that they had a bad economic sense of first what is being what is being in the state

Point one point two I mean for a moment let us understand this Harish we never told all these things people did not ask all these things these were all promise suamoto on their on their own thought process perhaps what would have happened is they never thought they would come to

Power I think after coming to power it’s becoming difficult for them to gather to the needs of the people point two point three I mean perhaps uh my Congress spokesperson my friend Mr nizam should ask one of the ministers Mr Children Swami who came out in the open and told

These are all just for the elections we wanted to win the elections do you think it is easily doable I mean this is not told by us it is told by none other than the children the minister of this minister of Karnataka state so therefore my opinion is simple people have been

Told that they will be given guarantees I mean act according to it I also want to remind you of this same congress party in the same congress party in no no let me let me finish I did not interfere sir kindly sir same congress party asked several questions to the

Government especially none other than amarendra Singh who’s the Punjab Congress Chief you know what he told it is an arrogant government it is dictatorial moves fraud succeed in intimidating the voters I mean this was the very same Congress government asking questions to the Punjab government why should the people of Karnataka not ask

This Congress government why are you backtracking on your guarantee issues why haven’t you thought about it and now you are of all you want to do conditions and we want to leave out those persons who have voted I mean to say okay

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