Free Bus Travel For Women In Karnataka From Today, Congress Govt Launches ‘Shakti’ Scheme | News18

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Free Bus Travel For Women In Karnataka From Today, Congress Govt Launches ‘Shakti’ Scheme | News18 The Congress …

What is the in this Video

Even as the principal opposition party here in the Karnataka continues to attack all the five guarantees of the Congress government the government launched its first scheme the Shakti scheme which aims to provide free bus drive to women across the Karnataka so women will now be able to travel in the

Non-ac bus of the State uh buses across the Karnataka but the Karnataka chief minister sitharamaya and also deputy chief minister D.K shukumar launched this Shakti scheme in front of vidhan sauda along with the other ministers they also laid to point distributed Shakti smart cards to few beneficiaries

And later point they boarded the state bus from vidhan sauda to Majestic which happens to be the popular a bus stop here in the Bengaluru now the transport Minister ramlinga Reddy says that the female passengers have time for next three months that they can apply online and later Point get their Shakti smart

Cards to utilize this scheme fully so yes he had made it that the scheme is going to last for five full years until then till the time that they get their smart cards they can show that go any government ID card to the bus conductor and make use of this uh Shakti scheme

Now the government says that this is going to cost them around 4000 crore rupees annually and around 42 lakh women uh passengers will be able to make use of this scheme so this is the first scheme that they have officially launched today here in Karnataka and it

Will come to effect from 1 pm is worth the Karnataka chief minister siddaramaiah has said it so yes it happens to be and very important it happens to be a very important day for the Congress government but they are yet to officially launch the other four guarantees that they had made it during

Their election in their manifestation foreign so there you see one of the female passengers saying that she’s quite happy about it that the scheme will be launched it’s going to benefit lot of female passengers here in the state benefits [Applause] So there you see one of the students saying that you know she is a student and it’s really going to help them uh you know the Shakti scheme is really going to help them it’s really an empowerment as well so that’s what she has to say now what she is also saying

Is that Karnataka chief minister sudhiramaya will be in this particular bus so she will get to travel with the chief minister she is so quite happy about it and also excitement as well and will continue and in the Lok Sabha also the Congress will be able to win the

Majority seats this time this will also help the party we are confident what we spoke to the people what we assure to the people will deliver let’s we are confident that the people will respect us they have all respected the word it I’ll come back to you so I can see a

Colorful turbine on your head that you have come down from MP as well so there how do you see that how is the Congress is really going to uh perform in the MP and how is the you know the atmosphere looks like that Temple before the election had gone there to

Seek the divine’s blessing I’ve been blessed so it is my bound duty to go back and put forward my prayers that you had given a strength give us more strength to see that whatever we have spoken has to be honored I went to datyasu yesterday when they came back so one last question

So the BJP has yet not been able to appoint leader of the opposition how do you see that sir the congress party meanwhile has launched the uh the guarantee as well officially today and in the coming days again you have come out with the dates as well but they are

Yet to come out with the leader of the opposition as well so do you see there’s a lot of infighting as well I don’t want to comment on that it is their party their leadership that they decide all of them are the leaders of the abortion we are not looking at one

The entire 65 members are the leaders of their position so let they take their own call I don’t want to intervene with their lovers

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