Congress Vs BJP Over Gruha Lakshmi Scheme In Karnataka | Gruhalakshmi Yojana | Karnataka Congress

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When given by BJP, they are welfare schemes but when given by Congress they are revadis: Lavanya Ballal, Congress Gruha …

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Uh so grah Lakshmi while it’s a it’s a great scheme on paper Etc it is going to offset the cost to the tune of 30 000 crore Rupees to the X Checker and Karnataka right now given its current finances is not in a position to meet

That kind of a huge uh demand in terms of 30 000 crores excess funds where are they going to find this from and BJP is also saying you know you started with all women then you said income tax assesses will not be given if you own a

Four-wheeler you will not be given so on and so forth you are really diluting one of your fundamental five guarantees as you were promising them good evening zafka I was actually uh watching all the points that you were making uh some of them were very Justified you were asking about uh where

When the funds come for from for the exchecker I’m sure the finance experts were involved in the entire process do have an answer for this as to where do we get this funds from first of all I think the central government should be uh product or a prompt in returning the

GST funds that is owed to the state and our bgp MPS 26 of them need to work towards that secondly you are also talking about overcrowding in the buses definitely there is overcrowding in the bus then of course the BJP uh raises a human cry about all of this about how uh

10 kilos of Rises arrived that we are doing in Karnataka welfare schemes when given by the Congress States or the Congress government to delivery but while welfare scheme zaka is Promised by the bjp’s welfare schemes we were also talking about one more Point um you made

I think it was about the youth for the Youth one thousand rupees for the unemployed youth yeah I think it is understood Jacob in a state formed French certain kind of welfare schemes it is meant for the citizens of that state and in Karnataka we have this uh

Report that we rely on which also says I forget the expert he’s not head in this committee it says um I think it is custody random it says if you have been residing in carnatic for the last 10 years you are considered as a Karnataka or if you have studied

Kannada in your high school you’re considered as a Connecticut right that’s another thing and when we are talking about uh rice let me make it very clear as of today uh zaka our Indian government very proudly is selling a rise to Far Far East States right forest

And countries which is what is very sad is the central had promised to sell rise to Karnataka and took back those words I mean are you not are willing to feed your own citizens why are you unwilling to feed Indians but you are willing to feed other

Countries which is a good cause no doubt about it just one point of correction the central government as of last week has imposed a ban on rice exports so anyway we’ll see how that plays out but let me ask Narendra I think one of the contentions Congress and other

Opposition parties are saying is you know you make a big deal of this ravdy culture rivalry culture freebies Etc but just recently your uh party and your chief minister in madhya Pradesh Mr shivraj Singh Chauhan who had announced this loudly behana scheme first it was thousand rupees now he’s increased due

To 1250 rupees and I believe very soon before the election it’ll be increased to 1500 rupees how is that different from graha Lakshmi if ladli bana is okay in madhya Pradesh why is Lakshmi bad in Karnataka is bad in Karnataka we never said that our only contention is why is that you

Are discriminating between these lady members of the family why only one person give it to all the ladies why should you not give you you are making Claws and subclasses those who are paying income tax will not get those who are having Brothers will not get those who arriving sisters will

Not get by putting some Clauses you are causing a distress in the family our contention is you have to give innovative house no sir is great Lakshmi sir it’s a simple it’s a simple no no one second one second I have a very basic question do you believe does the BJP in Karnataka

Believe griha Lakshmi is a ravdy or not simple question should reach every lady in the house in Karnataka that is our contention you can’t select cherry pick and give to some people and cause uh understand the families that is what has happened actually okay what about the other schemes the

Five guarantees are they revd or no that this government is a government of hundred percent lies and Century of blunders and zero percent development this is the government that has reduced uh funding for Cooperative Bank by 358 agriculture 891 percent reduce social welfare sanctions crores reduced irrigation sanctioned by

4800 crores rdpr 7th 270 cross isity has been 11 000 crores of this money has been stolen by this government for other purpose and they have increased the taxes and everything standard management taxes have increased property taxes have increased Cavalry issue is presented freedom of common man is cattled this is

The Undertake all mine and what are they okay the biggest point of contention has been a you know prices have increased over the last three months and two this whole money is being diverted from other uh heads other budgetary heads most prominently this scst sub budget that uh

They’re claiming that has been moved 11 000 crores has been moved from sesd sub budget to fund some of your freebies or to fund some of your guarantees pretty rich coming from the BJP which diverted the SC funds extensively in their four and a half years of

Governance in Karnataka I do not have the facts and figures with me right now but it was a scam as well where multiple SC departments uh funds without facts and evidence again I think that’s a fair point if you have the if you have the specific figures of of the allegation that you’re

Making then please go ahead and make it yeah absolutely it is on record it is on news it has been on debates everybody knows this instance where 8 girls in a SC hostel were not given food because the BJP government had diverted the funds meant for paying their gases

We are on our way to deliver our Manifesto promises okay and if you do not put for us that we will punish you is this why Karnataka does not have a leader of opposition or is it because they do not have a capability final word final words Assembly is a big contention that that Congress is Raising it’s been over 100 days you still have not been able to find a leader of opposition sir for last four years they don’t have a year of opposition in Lok Sabha the people have even denied them that fact

So what are they making a contention about according to you sir your house okay this is a comedy show I I I wanna I wanna sort of rap at this point of time but thank you very much to Mr rangappa and also the lavender Lal for joining us

Uh let’s see how this story plays out in the run up to of course uh the all-important Lok Sabha elections Karnataka is a big State 28 seats BJP had windfall gains both in 2014 as well as in 2019 whether they’ll be able to repeat that in 2024 we’ll see but

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